Chance on Model:Samples : Can DT do this?



Or can the digitakt do this as well?
I’m at the office so my digi isn’t with me.

Track Chance?
Track Chance?

exclusive for now, no ‘chance’ parameter on the DT. I predict it will be implemented though judging from the 2 empty parameter boxes in the TRIG menu


Chance is Probability % No?
Page 35 User Manual 110
“X% is a probability condition. There is an x% chance that the trig will be active.”


yeah but this only applies to plocks on the DT, not the same way the M:S does it. Cant cntrl+all for that parameter.


Afair, On the dt the conditional parameter needs to be plocked to steps to function. Additionally utilizing ctrl-all on the dt plocked steps are ignored. So in its current implementation the two functions do not work with one another.


9.2.12 CHANCE
Track Chance sets the probability that the trigs on the track plays or not. The probability outcome is re-evaluated every time a trig is set to play. The default setting is 100%, meaning that all the trigs on the track plays every time. (0%–100%)

If you have placed a conditional lock on a trig in the sequencer, the trig condition overrides the CHANCE setting.

Good thing, I hope it will be added to DT, maybe AR…all alive Elektrons ? :content:


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As of right now, I can safely say there is No Chance on the Digitakt


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I wonder if it’s possible to choose ‘Chance’ as an LFO destination on the model:samples ?


Not sure it would be really usefull. Keep your lfo for other purposes, like samples. Ah, no you can’t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That would be awesome actually - gradual sweeping in and out of chanciness (trademark forthcoming)


Personally I would prefer if something else came to Digitakt, random and chance dont interest me, I want to make music instead of fish for it.




I’d rather randomize it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just saw the Model Samples video by Loopop and I got really impressed by the Track Chance function. Is there something similar on the Digitakt - or do you have to go through every single trig to do something like that?

(noob yeah)



no chance parameter, you need to go through every trig and program the %. Might be added to the DT though, doesnt seem like a hardware limitation at all.


Look at all the max, reaktor, and eurorack creations that feature some sort of randomization parameters. I’m sure a lot of people who use those can also write music without them. You don’t have to use those features. It’s nice to have those options there though.

I view randomization features sort of like working with a band-mate. If a band-mate comes up with a riff or beat and we include it in a song does that make me less of a songwriter since I didn’t come up with 100% of the ideas?

Hitting a randomize button can maybe come up with 9 crap hi-hat patterns and 1 interesting one. You then add some hits, take away some hits. Got it going now. Your taste and decisions are still used to shape the end sound.


For me, i like to bang out a pattern that’s dope and let the machine decide (here and there) to omit certain parts. I love using the [Ctrl+all] in conjunction with the [reload ptn] button. It would be awesome if the DT had a [Ctrl+all] P-Lock function like the Model to “break down the parts” even more