CC-controlled Joystick DOWN always resets Joystick UP?

Hope someone can shed some light on this as I’ve read all the Joystick topics but couldn’t find an answer to this issue :crossed_fingers:

I’m controlling both Joystick UP (through CC #01 - Modwheel) and Joystick DOWN (through CC #02 - Breath) with a Faderfox MIDI controller.
My aim is to be able to modify 2 parameters, for example Filter Width with the Modwheel and Decay with Breath.

Separately they work fine. I turn the midi controller knob and the parameters changes accordingly.
However every time I manipulate the Joystick DOWN control, the Joystick UP control resets to 0 even when I just turned it to a certain value.

Is this just standard behaviour of these two CC values?
Or might this be a quirk in my Midihub settings?

I could understand that you can not physically push the joystick up and down at the same time.
On the other side it would seem a waste that you could not just use these two CC values separately from one another.

Thank you for your help :pray:

I’ll test my MnM and get back to you.

It’s definitely a MnM quirk. Sending a CC to control the ‘joystick up’ resets the ‘joystick down’ to 0. Sending a CC to control the ‘joystick down’ resets the ‘joystick up’ to 0. You’d think they would have allowed the opposite joystick directions to be used independently via midi even though they can’t be used independently with a physical sfx-6 joystick.

Thank you very much for double checking this! Strange that this hasn’t been written about before.

I think I found a way to achieve the same result by giving up the Pitch Bend function and setting up the midi controller knob with a minimum and maximum value of 64-127 so you just the affect the parameter in one direction just like the mod wheel.