CC 24 issue between OT and Syntakt

A word of warning folks - if you’re using an Octatrack with the Syntakt you may encounter an issue where the OTs trig amp release control ends up ramping up the delay feedback on the Syntakt - I’ve just blown two channels on my mixer!

I just checked both manuals and they are indeed, both CC 24. I don’t understand enough about MIDI to proffer why this is the only thing going wrong but perhaps other parameters have been moving around in tandem with my OT operations but have been too subtle to notice, or the track is muted or something.

If anyone knows how to turn off or re-assign CC numbers please let me know, I don’t know that that’s ‘a thing’ but do be careful cos not only does it ‘follow’ the release control (appears to mainly be when fiddling with Thru machines trig release, but it operates in a latch capacity so if you’re simply making the HOLD and RELEASE parameters fully open, well, you’ve got absolutely howling delay feedback almost instantaneously.

Otherwise I’m pretty happy with it, bought a Charmast PD power bank and a bird cord and I’m taking this thing everywhere! It’s a great groovebox and the ability to swap out a track for MIDI is great, if the sounds aren’t up to scratch or you’re just building demos with placeholders its perfect, but I’ve already made two things that I reckon stand up, with heavy OT involvement mind you and a Nymphes bringing up the rear.

Let me know if I’m doing something wrong but seems a shame to have to turn all the cc off.

You can turn off outgoing encoder messages under
Project - MIDI - Control.
I always have Audio CC Out: INT
(Note as well)


Thanks for replying - but this eliminates any ability to control the Syntakt in that case? I was thinking of running the OTs MIDI LFOs over to different tracks within the Syntakt to complement the two already present.

This solution, whilst thorough, I mean - is it a take it or leave it scenario? You either have CC control for everything or not at all?

no the fix suggested clearly states Audio CC Out (Int), not MIDI Track CC Out (off) - so you lose nothing, there’s no good reason to have the Audio Track CC default to ext/out imho


You can still do that using a MIDI track.


Brilliant thanks both - had a very late couple of nights here and missing the obvious. Cheers folks!