My guys are copy…cats :grimacing:


Sisters… sharing a spot every once and awhile! :sweat_smile:


I’m jealous of seeing your cats getting along so well…sleeping next to each other.

My other cat, a female, does not let the black one near her…

4 years of difference in age and male/female.


:cat: thinking … if I am left alone in the room for a while … then … left paw already in position … patience - kitty -patience …


Maybe bad experience with a tom?


Sax ^^


I don’t think so, but you never know. ^^^ There she is, the softest cat ever. I told her when she dies I will wear her fur around my neck JK


Very fluffy.


Here’s my Giuliano kneading on me before bed.


Oh… believe me, they have their moments! LOL. They can be quite sweet with each other even using the other as a pillow, but this isn’t always the norm. They’re usually pretty independant and some days they just aren’t having anything to do with the other. There will be spats (usually just a quick swat or growl at the other) and someone gets kicked out of their favorite spot. It’s just a jealousy or dominate thing I guess like any other siblings.

Sometimes they can be ridiculously sweet though and it melts your heart a bit that they’ve never been separated.



Within the music


OP-Z + cat video




Freshly snapped picture of Giuliano


Freshly pic of my boy with his new kitty friend “Ginger” in the background…:wink:
We want to sterilize her but we can’t get nowhere near her…Our vet said to give her pills :pill: to sedate her in order to catch her but it has to be with empty stomach…Kinda difficult because she’s outside and we don’t have control over that…Any ideas?


Dip pill in fish oil.


Thanks man but we realized now that she’s pregnant we’ll do it after…I think it’s time to give one of the newborn kitty’s a home :blush:
We’ll try to find one for the others too…