Very sorry, utterly horrific.
Sadly our cat passed recently too, terrible times…


Oh man the poor little lad, it’s one of the worst feelings finding a dead pet. Had a lizard that got super ill just by bad luck, I didn’t want to believe it was dead when the day came. There was a moment with my snake the other day where he wasn’t moving or reacting to noise at all. Had that overwhelming 30 seconds of “no no no no no”, opened up the tank and gave him a poke and the bugger was sleeping. Hard to tell sometimes cause they don’t have eyelids. Bit of a tangent anyway, sorry about the cat and your kid finding it mate, hope he’s alright

Cheers, they’ve both grown a lot since then. I’ll post an update when I get a minute


That’s awful, so sorry.


more of the siamese crew




I just got home from a work trip to find the cat had taken up residence on my desk having knocked my DN on to the floor. At this moment the cats bum is well and truly out the window.



Cats dig modular gear as well. Hmm I love those Siamese cats! I want one. Maybe I should name my cat Elektron that would be kewl or maybe Eurorack lol.


Anyone else have a cat that loves to be tucked in?


yea my boy vlad loves to be under the covers with his head out for fresh air. his nightly routine


sorry to hear that bad mews…


My two old men(12 and 10 years old)!

Got to put up their super stoned on cat nip shot from when they were younger too!


These are my duo with the Magueyes in the garden


aaawwww… I had a Siamese that looked just like these beautiful creatures. I’ve always been more of a dog person, but my ex was a cat person. We got a Siamese, he was about 2 months old. I fell in love with him, he had such an amazing personality. When me & the ex broke up, I kept the cat (Harley). He recently past away, he was 17. He was such a good boy. Kind of funny, I’m a dog person, yet he was the only pet I had (well now I have a dog, her name is Alibi…only have pics of her with the vinyl… she is jealous of my gear).


Top name for man’s best friend :wink:


Thought i bring my artistic self out…It’s relax time for our boy!

Edit*…One more…It’s wink time :grin:


Not only a great update from Polyend but a lovely cat too…


I have a video of crickets crawling around that my cat (Monster) loves to watch. He gets really excited and starts looking behind the screen to find the crickets there. To him crickets are tasty. I ought to surprise him one time, and put a real cricket there.


Watching over my Octatrack :blush: