Wouldn’t say “train”, but change is possible. Cats are very intelligent. We can’t train them like dogs, but they understand. It only takes some time to make them agree :wink:


You CAN train a cat do to things. But, yes, to nearly to the sane degree as a dog.
I got mine to, when asked, find his toy and then bring it to me. Hed fetch. I taught him how to open doors (cupboard not entrance), go to bed.

The one i couldnt do was train him to answer yes or no. That would have been extremely helpful :slight_smile:


He’d say no to everything :joy:


I would haveto disagree. He said yes everytime i asked if he was hungry :wink:


what a cute buddy!


Our mexican puppy meets his swedish rival for the first time. They’ll both be fighting for my attention in the coming years.


My new kitty will play fetch for hours. It’s frickin adorable.


Best thread on here damnit! I’m a sucker for these adorable felines. :+1:


Well I reached my maxumum amount of likes reading this thread and enjoying the pics of all your furry companions. Lovely thank you all for sharing!
Recently bought two little tabbies at 11 weeks old now 13 weeks and growing fast! Cookie the female and wookie the male. They love my studio and all the wires and even seem to like my ambient noodlings.


Scratching speakers?


No more moonbeams for my bunny rabbits. They both got poisoned. They used to love eating…
My son found Mogwai lying in the grass. “She won’t move, Dad!!”
Noisette very slowly died in my arms.
I feel pretty sad.


They poisoned themselves, I mean.
One of my plants must be toxic for such little beasts. No one to blame really. Just a sad story. Sorry.


Such a shame…:frowning:


Shit, sorry to hear that, losing pets is the worst.


Dang, sad to hear… I recently had a moment where my cat got in a crazy fight outside. I got out the door as fast as I could to break it up and she was already laying on the ground too hurt to get up. Picked her up with tons of blood oozing from her throat. So scared for her, and mad at the huge POS cat that did it to her. She managed to heal up over a month and is finally herself again but she totally lost her meow. I don’t let her out at night anymore.

Image of my cat attepting to devine the future of electronic music through a pingpong ball.


Alright that is the most beautiful Siamese I’ve ever seen.


Looks part giraffe.


:crying_cat_face: Very sad news, @LyingDalai. RIP, little ones.


Cover the sides in sisal rope…


Sorry about that.