he’s a true pussycat.

I think that he was miffed that snack time was delayed by the photo session,


These two will soon be together again, up there. :cry:


I’m sorry, some might say they’re just pets, but once you’ve lived with one of them for 16/20 years, they’re much more than that.


Little buddies!


Mega buddies!


Little mega buddies!


Our cat has become a major pain in the ass. She’s gotten old and has started snoring, so can’t sleep in the same room as us anymore. I either put her in the bathroom or outside at night, but she always wants to scratch down the door at some point, which wakes me up. Fucking annoying. Moving houses soon. I’m tempted to get rid of her, but don’t have the heart to do so.

Anyone with a clever trick for a full night’s sleep when you got a cat and sleep very lightly? I wake up from the smallest of creaks.


I have this issue myself with my part…OUR…cat. Ear plugs is all I can offer.

Plus one should have a good pair anyway for loud gigs.


no no no no


Flip it on the sale section and buy a new cat with more modern features


Weed. Earplugs.
Is the cat overweight at all?


Wait for Overcat 2.0 to come out and then multitrack that mo-fo


+1 for earplugs.

My cat is 18 and regularly yowls in the middle of the night as he staggers around trying to get comfortable on old bones. I also wake up at a pin’s drop so I can sympathise. The other thing I do is put a “door snake” along the bottom of the door so it blocks more sound.

Lastly, if you can afford one of those “cat nests” (soft, round, fleece-lined cat beds) putting one near the door will tempt your little dudette to stay warm in there and not shred the door.

Good luck and…keep the cat - it’s in your care.


enjoy those last annoying years with your loud cat. it’s part of the duty of cat ownership


You deal with it and get used to it. Thats part of being a cat owner. Not fair to put em out for stuff thats outta their paws.

My girl wanted to put our cats out of our room at night. I said no dice. Part of the family. She adapted.

I at one point in time had three cats and a dog (springer spanial) sleeping ON me. You just gotta deal with it.


Well, I’m not going to put her to sleep, obviously, I wouldn’t be able to do that. I have to say though, in my defense, I never wanted a cat, the missus just took care of her for a couple of weeks the summer we moved in here, because her owners had gone on vacation (without us knowing), and their other cat (our cat’s daughter, had taken over her territory and chased her away). It obviously ended with the cat moving in, against my wishes, but here we are.

Thanks for all the good suggestions, guys, I really appreciate it! :slight_smile: Earplugs hasn’t worked well for me in the past, but I’ll give it another go. I think we might build some sort of high nest for her in the living room in the new apartment, hopefully she’ll like that and stay there during the night. Having her in our bedroom is just a no go - cats are cool, but I badly need my sleep as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


Make sure they’re real-deal ear plugs, not some foam crap they sell next to gum.


Got any to recommend? :slight_smile:


Ive had cats all my life. SINCE BIRF. When my last one past away i said never again. Then i met my girl. She has two cats. Two cats i freakin hated.
But they came with her. And get as much love as any cat ive ever had get. How could you not.

I fully cant stand orange cats. But this asshole cat has won me over. And gets all the pampering the little shit deserves :slight_smile: