Can't unmute a track


Track began un-unmutable, and the led changes from blue to purple when I mute/unmute it.
Anyone else encountered this ?

Can't unmute tracks (help!)

Hey there, had the same confusion.
There are 2 ways of muting tracks in the Digitone as far as I discovered. First the obvious by pressing function and track. Second one(purple) is pressing pattern and track. The second one is stored within the pattern when you save it. And if it’s on, you can’t unmute by func and track. This is what I came up with, but for more clearly information, we maybe should read the manual.

Can't unmute tracks (help!)

That was it thanks a lot, I’m so used to the DR I thought I had a bug or something. It’s a cool function actually.


Yep Im in the same boat there’s a pattern with a track that wont unmute. Ended up deleting the pattern :stuck_out_tongue:


what if neither variation MUTES the tracks ??


Track 1 is is not muted. The remaining tracks are red, which according to the manual means they are globally muted. “If tracks are muted in GLOBAL MUTE mode, the tracks keys are lit red when the pattern plays.”

So I press FUNC + BANK to enter GLOBAL MUTE MODE. The “Bank” key lights up presumably indicating mute mode. But then when I hit the track buttons nothing happens, they remain muted.

When I exit global mute mode (another FUNC+BANK) the track buttons remain red.

What am I doing wrong?


Quick Mute/Unmute ([FUNC] + [TRACK]) won’t work either?


i stumbled over this quite often…

you have to make sure that global AND pattern mute-states are unmuted.


" Tracks that are muted in both GLOBAL MUTE mode and PATTERN MUTE mode are shown with blue lit [TRACK] keys."

They are red, which seems to mean GLOBAL MUTE only.

But I managed to get them blue by going into PATTERN MUTE and also activating them.


I tried that.


Then I would try some systematic testing (clear the internal state completely etc.pp.):

  1. make a new project
  2. quickly check with the default sounds if everything is okay with the new project.
  3. power down + power up
  4. reload original project
  5. try to unmute again

Also try this (solution to solo mode bug):

… but this bug should be fixed on the latest OS version (maybe not?).


Switching to a different project clears the mute state, so this issue is saved with the project.

At least that implies I could send the files to Elektron to sort it out for me.