Can't hear track 5 & 6

Hi all,

I really hope that it’s a stupid thing, but from some reason I can’t hear anything from track 5 & 6, even from the demo patterns that comes with the machine.

Please help,

Thanks !

Make sure you don’t miss something essential - vol, level, trig tracks?

routing? maybe even in global slots? any midi messages ? unplug all cables…

put headphones in individual outs and check if you are hearing anything!

Since you have this problem also with the demo patterns, I think this won´t be the problem but perhaps it is worth checking the routing of the tracks in the edit menu and make sure they use the right output.

If there are FX on this tracks also make sure that there are trigs or you won´t hear the sound of the tracks which are routed through the FX.

Good luck!

Did you ever figure this out? 5 and 6 were working for a while for me but suddenly stopped. Every track is GND>SIN all routing to out AB. Global settings is 3XSTEREO + AB=MIX. What could I be missing? I can only hear the output of tracks 1-4 and every track is identical. Really hope this isn’t fried. I love this machine.


I’ve got the same pb but can’t solve it.
Any idea?

I remember having similar weird problem, but it was definitely user error. Can’t remember right now, but I’ll think about it.
Post a picture about the Monomachine on, just to see the lights. And a few pics of the screens (different system parameters, routing, etc.) and it will maybe pop up back into my mind :slight_smile:

@aerosamos I still couldn’t figure it out as the routing was indeed correct but still couldn’t get sound out of those 2 channels. I ended up switching into a different “Slot” in the global settings (Slot 2) and everything works fine. Haven’t had the same issue since. And obviously still not sure what happened there in Slot 1…

Maybe do a compare and write down all the values in slot 1 + slot 2 and compare them to each other?

I could swear I did this last year, but I’m going to go give it another look later today. I’d hate this to happen in slot 2 and not know why it happened.

I just encountered this interesting quirk of design on the Monomachine. I lost Track 6 in a project, and spent the past couple days messing around with doing backups and starting fresh projects. Every time I went to re-create the project the same way, it would lose Track 6 entirely, no matter how it was routed or what kind of Machine was on the Track. It was the same across all Kits and Patterns.

I found out that it has to do with what MIDI channels the Tracks are set to use. If you set the Base MIDI Channel to higher than 11, the Monomachine loses the ability to talk to some of its Tracks.

It seems that at the core of the MnM it’s using the MIDI channels for the sequencer / keyboard to talk to the Instrument Tracks, even if you set Channel Span to 0. If the Base Channel is 12, that means that the 6th Track is set to MIDI channel 17, which of course is no good. If the Base Channel is set to 13, that puts Track 5 on chan. 17 and Track 6 on chan. 18, and so on.

I’ve tested this with some old projects and it seems to consistently cause the problem. Base Channel has to stay at 11 or below to keep all the Tracks active.

Pardon the thread-necro, but I didn’t see any posts about the root cause of this problem.