Can't get rid of hissing noise

I’ve owned my AH for over a year and could never really get rid of the loudish hissing noise. Tried the sensitivity settings, different cables, synths, and mixers.
Is there a known bug like that?

It’s a distortion unit and the gain is massive so noise is unavoidable. Common practise is to use a noise gate on silent parts if the noise is not part of the aesthetics. The gate included in Ableton works great.


I love it😊it means it has so much character, even when it’s not doing anything, you can’t really get it to totally shut up😎

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I don’t get any noise when using Clean Boost or Saturation… maybe a tiny bit of air & with the other modes the “air” gets a little louder. The lo pass filter helps with this.

Have you ever used a distortion unit before? I think the AH is quiet for a distortion unit.

But listen to Olle, if you want distortion, but want to reduce noise look up noise gate.

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Never knew that gonna use my other distortion units on the live noise gate. Thanks.


Today I was using my heat and when I plugged the headphones I realized there is a pretty audible hiss with nothing plugged in on the heat. If anyone could check on overbridge his levels on the output with nothing plugged in it would be greatly appreciated . I’ll post a screenshot with all my settings, the meters peak at around -68 on clean boost .