Can't get OP1 Trig to start recording

So I am trying to record to the OP1 Tape with the Threshold Trigger

I have the Trig level set

The external input selected

The Tape primed with Rec + Shift

… so why does it not start recording when I make noise loud enough to exceed the Trig level?

The MPC Sampler does, so why doesn’t the OP1?

I think threshold recording only works on the sampler, not the tape.

That’s correct. OP, you need to select a sample engine and then hold down a key for the threshold to do anything. The tape will always just record what’s playing at that moment

So there’s no way to sync a recording to tape?

I just have to bang the record button and the play button at the same time?

I believe you can sync it with MIDI but I could be wrong.

But yeah, you have 12 seconds of sample time in the drum sampler so you could record there and if that’s not enough and you want a drum line or something to play to, life the drum line (and then drop it back), move down the time line to an empty spot and drop the copied drum line. Then go back a few bars and you basically have a count in.

Lots of workarounds you have to get used to when working with it. Typically you’re recording with the internal engines and holding the record button and pressing a key starts the recording, but recording external gear is best don’t with the sampler engine or the way I described.

I guess I’ll have to look into the USB Midi again. I was getting a lot of noise over it before, even with the charging turned off.

The Trig not starting a recording to Tape seems like a a very basic feature to omit. Disappointing.

Yeah, I can’t get my MPC to send Transport control to my OP1 over midi, tho it does send notes

Edit: fiddled with the Sync options on the MPC and now the Midi Transport commands are syncing.

So if I go to tape, set the input, prime it to record with Shift + Rec

Then I can press Play on my MPC Live and it outputs the signal over USB to the OP1 to start recording and the signal over 5pin Midi to my Elektron boxes to play.

Need to test some more but currently it seems to be working.

Man there is so much noise when the USB is plugged into the MPC. Even when the input is coming from the Analog Heat and bypassing the MPC.

Unplugging the power cable on the MPC only makes the noise change sound a little. USB charging is turned off too.