Can't Delete Soundcloud Links in "Music" Section

I can’t delete the soundcloud tracks under the “Music” sub-section. Clicking on the “X” beside the items does nothing.
Also: attempting to add tracks results in a “Server Error 500.”

Google Chrome, Win7 x64.

Not sure about the Server error stuff, may be something which resolves itself … but on occasions, it can be possible for a moderator to edit content that is just beyond the reach of a user, so if you point to what it is you want removing we can see what’s what and whether you can regain control … if not, we can possibly edit as directed … just need the details …

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So, it’s not possible for a user to: a) remove the soundcloud embeds from [Profile–>Music] section and b) add new soundcloud embeds in that Music section?

If you do have the power, would you delete the first two tracks and leave the A4 demo one?


I’ve never heard of this being reported before, clearly if it’s not working it’s unintentional behaviour [just as when users could not edit their profile picture recently e.g.] … it may be something an admin can adjust [i’ll try after posting], but it’s something to flag up to @elektronauts for sure to investigate

the moderators have some privileges that can be helpful, but we don’t have the access to fix these kinds of issues at source, I’ll try to edit as requested, but the root of the problem needs to be dealt with … give it some time and monitor whether the inability to edit gets fixed or whether we get an official response here about resolving this one

edit: unlike most other aspects, even as an admin of sorts, we do not see any of the detail you do when editing those aspects [probably due to it being linked to your off-site profile] … so whilst I could change your name [which is purposely frozen after a set time] I cannot edit any SoundCloud content [i can only do that for myself] … this glitch (no pun intended) needs to be fixed by someone at Elektron (or possibly Discourse, the forum platform developer)


I’m going to bump this. I’d like to put some fresh tracks under my “Music” section in my profile or at least delete the ones that are there.

Can anyone @Elektron web-dev help?

It’s been a year and I still can’t delete my files in the “Music” section.

I have the same problem. I’ve tried Safari, Chrome and FF, all have the same error.

Same here. Can’t add music to my profile on any browser.

I can’t seem to remove soundcloud tracks either. It looks like it will let me add new ones (tho I haven’t tried), but the funny X in a circle on the top right of each soundcloud track box doesn’t seem to do anything.

I can’t add or delete soundcloud links.

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I can add, but i can not delete

have you try to disconnect your soundcloud account in preferences/profile? then start from the beginning (reconnect and add tracks)

Good idea! I just tried that. Now my soundcloud account is disconnected, but I can still see the four tracks I added. The X still does nothing.

Is broken!

Apologies for the necropost. This seemed the most appropriate topic. I can’t add a SoundCloud link on the Music bit of my profile, nevermind not be able to remove them. At first, I thought it was something that couldn’t be done from a phone but it’s the same deal on a Macbook too. The ‘Connect with SoundCloud’ bit (see pic below) just doesn’t click or do anything and is covered by the Save Changes CTA. Maybe this is the reason for people not being able to remove their links either? Any possible solutions? @moderators

Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 16.30.19


I did put some up there… and now it seems to be completely broken and the link doesn’t go anywhere, so not sure the function is working at all currently?

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yeah, it’s been broken for ages, I posted a thread about it in October last year…

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Might as well remove it entirely if it’s broken imo. Imagine being stuck with your first ever cringy tunes from five years ago or whatever :sweat_smile:

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Well, at least no-on can access them anyway right now :sweat_smile: (if I click on the Music link in your profile, for example, I get the “Somethiung went wrong” message.)

I agree it would be better to ditch it entirely if it’s not going to be fixed.

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… definitely went wrong. Haha. So I must’ve added some in the past. At least we can add a website

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