Can't backup or load new samples

So my Model:Samples is apparently feeling grumpy because it now refuses to talk to my computer. With the Transfer app, I can connect normally and see the folder structure and dive into it, but I can’t create a new folder (error message is ‘Cannot create this directory’). If I try to load a new sample it shows up as zero bytes, and I also can’t rename or delete the file. So it seems like the +Drive is stuck in read-only mode or something? I am able to drag folders of Samples from the device to my computer. I already have all my samples backed up elsewhere, so I’m not worried about losing them.

However, I am worried about losing my patterns and sequences. I tried to back up the Model Samples with the C6 app, and it doesn’t work either. I tell C6 to use the Model Samples as MIDI In and Out, and then I set it to ‘receive’, and I tell the M:S to ‘send’ (settings > backup > project). It starts sending, but C6 doesn’t receive anything.

I feel like the next step is a factory reset, but doing so would lose all of my patterns! I haven’t tried sending SysEx over MIDI, I guess that might be my last resort. Anything else I can try? I’ll probably reach out to Elektron support when I have time…

i am also having this problem. The device says 90% free space. but its acting like its full. cant create new folders or add new samples.

So I’ve made progress on this, here’s what I did:

Set MIDI IN and OUT to USB only (this speeds up transfers)
Connect device to computer via USB
Upgrade to latest firmware (1.12)
Backup all patterns with C6 (it worked after the firmware update)
Backup all samples with Transfer
Factory Reset with full +Drive reformat (see manual)
Load samples back on with Transfer, but start with largest files first, then smallest files last
Reload patterns with C6

I have a theory as to why the Model Samples claims that it is full even when you’ve transferred less than 1 GB worth of samples. I’ve written up my theory and sent it to Elektron support, once their devs get back to me I’ll post here with an update.

Also, where it says XXX% free space, that is referring only to the RAM, not to the total +Drive storage capacity. There is no way to check the storage used on the device itself, the only way is to copy all of your samples onto a computer and check there. Annoying, I know, but I’ve added this as feature request.

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Didnt work for me. i was able to get more samples than i had before. but it started failing to write again.

Hope this gets fixed.

Tried to start a new project. Still no go

OK I think it was just full. I deleted some of my longer loops and then I can add more. False alarm. Wish there was a way to know how much space I have left though.