Cannot Un mute 1 4 and 7 voices. Please Help


I can un mute tracks but cant figure out how to turn voices 1,4,7 on again.
I have turned on and off the Digitone and tracks are still muted.
I have loaded a new project still muted.
Factory reset still muted.
Please help


So you essentially have a 5 voice synth? I didn’t think you could mute voices, just tracks 1-4.


Yes no sound is coming out of 1 , 4 and 7
Muted somehow no idea how



Do you mean when you press those trigs there is no sound.


Yes no sound and they’re Dim and stay dim no matter what mode I’m in


They are supposed to be that way. That is the chromatic keyboard.


OOOH, it’s because only the keys that are lit represent a 1 octave keyboard. Doesn’t mean you have any voices muted.


Hmm ok thanks guys
Its all new for me
Thanks for the reply’s


If you click on the “add notes” button, that might give you a better visual of what’s going on. You can also change the keyboards root note/scale as well, which changes which trigs are lit.


Ok thanks so much. I was feeling a bit lost but its all making sense now