Can you use the Digitakt to control lights?

Hi there! Its doable by using bome’s midi translator app. Ive used one time to control GrandMA with an APC40. It converts midi to artnet. Hope that is useful.


I am myself a heavy user of now that touchdesigner has come up, I think it is worth mentioning.
Much less friendly ui, but it is free for non-commercial use. And there is just one version, the complete one and the community is amazing.
I down sick for a while but controlling my visuals from digitakt is definitely something I am going to play around with, once I get more energy.

And yes vvvv can do both dmx via artnet or some USB dmx dongles and midi


Ill second vvvv as a powerful and very fun tool to play around with, much like Quartz Composer for mac. Since Quartz is part of the Apple dev environment, also free, and a few tutorials out there for DMX conversions. Just figured it also deserves a spot on the list.

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If you are looking for middle ware - Chataigne (Chestnut) - great application

Chataigne what ?


Chataigne is made with one goal in mind : create a common tool for artists, technicians and developers who wish to use technology and synchronize softwares for shows, interactive installations or prototyping. It aims to be as simple as possible for basic interactions, but can be easily extended to create complex interactions.

Okay, but what does it do exactly ?

While Chataigne won’t do much by itself, its purpose is to be the central hub in a project involving multiple interfaces, softwares, devices and sensors. You can see it as a Conductor, which will control all the softwares with the big picture in mind. Chataigne as been designed to fit both linear shows and realtime/interactive project needs.

Seems cool, tell me more !

You can check the tutorials to better understand what and how you can use Chataigne for your projects.

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this looks super interesting! Are you using it?

Yes, takes a little getting used too - but not with Elektron hardware (yet).

Does it process program changes?

I’m getting a Critter and Guitari ETC Video Synthesizer!! I like it so much!

Here’s a youtube video of it being played with the Digitakt!

amku from the Visuals for music, tips/starters! thread mentioned it as a hardware video synth.

Analog visual synths are so cool! Does any one have any other recommendations?

Hoping to get a Vortex Decoder next. I think those images are so amazing! The Rainbowonic makes some of the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen! Huge Tachyons+ fan!!


This stuff really interests me also.

Used the Critter & Guitari ETC software on the Organelle (OTC) and it’s great, pretty much all I’m using the Organelle for so decided I would sell it on and get myself the ETC hardware.

After seeing this thread it has got me thinking about other options though…

Those Tachyons+ boxes look amazing @DigiNerd Do you know if they would work in a similar way to the ETC controlled via midi?

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The Tachyons+ boxes do not have Midi input or Audio input like the ETC. The box I’m interested in has two video inputs and 3 CV inputs.

My hope is to send the video from my ETC and video from a handheld camera to the Tachyons+ Vortex Decoder box, and hopefully send Midi clock data by using the CV inputs.

I was also planning on getting a 4 channel video mixer to help make things look extra glitchy on screen.

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I found a few websites that cover video synthesis I thought you all would enjoy.

Share Synth


I also found this cool analog synth from Gieskes


Cool links :+1:

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I have one to sell if you want - Panasonic AVE-5 - there are also tutorials how to circuit bend it with audio out there


great thread guys… recently started with processing

that’s Software to make visuals

with Java

tippy shit
easy to learn more or less

Processing is good stuff and super easy today learn.

Already had an edirol v4 in the mail…

Processing looks fun.

How do you connect it to the Digitakt?

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I’ve been studying everything and I think my best way to control lights using the Digitakt is buying a DMX controller with a MIDI input. Then using the MIDI controls on the Digitakt to active light sequences programed into the DMX controller. From there I can send signals to light moudules around my room, which in turn will create the beams of light through the prisim cubes.

Obey 40 is a good beginner DMX controller, if anyone is interested.


thanks for sharing

My Obey 40 is in the mail! I also ordered a DMX-4 LED Lighting Dimmer/Relay. My plan is to send MIDI data from the Digitakt to trigger the Obey 40 which will send DMX instructions to the Dimmer/Relay. The Dimmer/Relay would turn on or off a Godox SL-60 LED Video Light. Then I’m hoping to use lenses to focus the light from the Godox into the Prisim Cubes I have set up around my room.

Does anyone else know of a cheaper light source than the Godox SL-60 that can produce a small beam of light?

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