Can you use digitakt as effects input/output?

Can i apply delay/compression/reverb on tracks through the direct direct channel?

For example, say I have a recorded guitar and i want to add delay/compression. Can i use this for an effects out box?

The delay is great…

You only can use fx on samples.

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Not possible as of now but we’re all crossing our fingers for external processing because just about every other Elektron box can do it including the Digitone…

Is there someone that can hack it? Or is it a hardware limitation?

Actually there is no information available if it’s a hardware limitation.

Hacking it? I’ve never seen an Elektron OS hack until now (besides so called “updates” from Elektron itself).

Of course, with enough dedication everything is hackable (hardware+software). Wanna try and invest some months? :wink:

the Analog Rytm also lack fx on the input I think for what ever reason inputs can only hit the compressor… so hopefully the Digitakt will at least get that at some point. It seems like a feature they like to keep to separate the drummachines and the synth machines for now or at least with the machines with send fx.


I know it wasn’t possible in the past, but with the current firmware is it possible to apply Digitakt FX (Reverb, Delay, Chorus) on the L/R input signal? Let’s say I connect 1 ext synth to L and another to R and I’d like to apply Digitakt FX onto those, same way as if I was using Octatrack or A4. Is this possible with DT?

Unfortunately it is not possible with the Digitakt. The DT also doesn’t have a chorus effect. Are you thinking of the Digitone perhaps?

Ah okay. No, I was referring to Digitakt. Since I’m not sampling much with my OT (only using it for ext FX and to play loops and one shoots) I thought I could replace it with Digitakt. Looks like I cannot if this feature is unavailable…

…could be a hardware limit…
since takt is running on a single chip motherboard…the tone got two of those…
but i can’t imagine that this little os upgrade could’nt be squeezed in…but what do i know…

i mean, actually, i run a nyx through through takts inputs…adding internal effect sends to that can’t be such a big deal…but it will be two separate mono inputs forever…that’s for sure…

as already mentioned…no chorus on the takt anyways…but the delay engine is exactly the same…

Be great to have one of the audio tracks with the ability to set it as audio in and run effects. Seeing you can sample into a track then add effects to the sample after is it a massive leap to have it as a live audio in and run effects on that signal? Does that take an amount of processor power that’s beyond the digitakt?

Anyone know?

i think it was @Ess that mentioned the DT was running almost at its limit now, but i’m still not convinced that the fx cant be used on inputs. they’re master fx afterall, so surely the processing hit is the same no matter how many channels are sent through them…? i live in hope anyway!

I’m hoping for at least stereo passthrough (monitoring) to be implemented at some point.

It would mean that I could have stereo samples playing in my Android tablet without having to use a mixer.

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At the moment fx are only on samples that are in a project / in sample ram.
They’re not in external inputs and it’s been like that since release. I dont expect it to change at this point ,much of this is covered in many other threads and probably the manual.
Plus external input is summed to mono and normalised before you can save it.

As mentioned , digitone has more power with stereo input and routing through fx.