Can you set a different MIDI channel per track?


Is it possible to let each track on the MD listen to a different MIDI channel?

I’d love to sequence it through the Squarp Pyramid, and get a euclidean sequencer going for each separate track


No, but that shouldn’t be necessary if you want to use the MD for percussion (not chromatic/melodic) sounds.

You can set up which MIDI notes each track of the MD responds to in its MAP EDITOR so that different Euclidean rhythms in the Pyramid trigger dufferent sounds in the MD.

Finally, you could always enter Euclidean rhythms in the MD’s sequencer.


Yes, seems simple with different notes, same channel.

Btw, I first thought you needed to set base channel to control MD’s machines with notes set in MAP EDITOR.

Then I read you needed to use 4 different channels, (Base Channel, +1,+2,+3), because notes seems to be sent that way from MD track trigs (tracks 1-4 notes=Base, tracks 5-8 notes =base+1, etc).

And recently I realised that it was possible to use any of the 4 midi channels to control MD with notes.

Please confirm, I can’t try again these days.
It doesn’t seem clearly stated in the manual.

Possible with a midi processor, mapping a channel to a note. But I also think you don’t need different channels for notes.

But concerning Control Changes, still with a midi processor, I thought about mapping them to 16 different channels and use the CCs 16-39 only, in order to simplify. Not simple anyway. :smile:

Example with a 16 channel sequencer, using a different note per channel (or not)

control of track 1 with midi channel 1, CC 16-39 mapped to CC 16-39 and base channel

control of track 2 with midi channel 2, CC 16-39 mapped to CC 40-63 and base channel +1

control of track 3 with midi channel 3, CC 16-39 mapped to CC 72-95 and base channel +2



Great call on the different notes/same channel way. I totally didnt think of that, as my other machines are played chromatically, so a different channel was a must on there.

Thanks guys!