Can you sequence with OT in the same way as SQ-1 does?


Interesting, but I avoid to change parts.

What about soloing midi tracks, with 8 tracks with different settings ?
Play free tracks?
Shift arp pattern with Func + Arrows
Copy / paste arp pattern to reload it after mods?

Saved in parts too.
Without part changes, depth / speed can be plocked, and you can select one of the 8 lfo designers. You can also randomize or invert an lfo designer…

Personally I don’t use arp pattern.
I use several tracks with TRCs, random arp with 2 octave range or more, random lfos on NOTE VEL (0=no note), NOTE LEN (0=arp off, plays a chord) , ARP NLEN, ARP SPEED…

Micromonsta only, sequenced by OT’s arp, one bar, midi tracks mutes.

1 midi track with the NOTE LEN =0 trick (plays chords)

Still MM, generative, random arp settings…