Can you sample in external audio while beat is playing?

Hi, I’m potentially looking to get a Digitakt in the future, and just wanted to know if it is possible to sample external audio while the beat from your project is playing? (or even a metronome)

I know this is a simple question, but I haven’t seen it explicitly discussed in any product reviews I’ve read of the DT. Thanks in advance!

Indubitably, yes.

How else would you do internal resampling?

You have source choices: Ext (L, R, L+R), Int (L, R, L+R), and USB (L, R, L+R). You also can turn monitor off. After you record, you can chop and assign to tracks.

You never have to stop the beat while doing this. :+1:


Brilliant, thanks.:+1:

I knew about internal sampling, but just wanted to check that it applied when recording external sample sources – such as playing some chords on an external synth while the beat plays.

Oh for sure yeah! Doing it during a live gig might be tough, but I do a lot of composing that way. Record chords, add to sequencer track, record bass, add to sequencer track, record melody, add to sequencer track, etc. Decent workflow imo.



Thats the approximate workflow I expect that I will adopt.

Getting it into a DAW for arranging might be the tricky bit – but thats another story. :stuck_out_tongue:

It isn’t! You connect the Digitakt to your Computer and have an Audio IN for every Track. Hit Record in your DAW, play your song on the Digitakt and you have every Track with your Performance in your DAW

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Really? :flushed::hushed:

I thought that was what Overbridge was for?

Just so I’m clear - are you saying that multitrack recording of the 8 tracks into 8 separate tracks in the DAW is possible :exploding_head::flushed: - so you could capture an live improvised jam as an arrangement?

Yes, that is, what Overbridge is for. As Digitakt and Overbridge work together great, that is the deal!
You connect the Digitakt to your Computer where you have Overbridge installed and your Digitakt can be used as if it was a Soundcard. It provides one Input per Track + the Stereo Mix.
If I remember correctly, the Tracks are without effects (because those are global), and you can configure your Main-Out in a way, that it does not contain your Tracks but only the FX-Return. So you could even record the FX Results. I drop them and do the Effects in Mixing in my DAW.


Whoa - that’s exactly the workflow I would envisage doing!!!

Just record a jammed arrangement into my DAW, and just do any mixing and precise arrangement tweaks there.

For some reason I thought Overbridge wasn’t ready yet for Digitakt? Have I got that mixed up?

There is no Overbridge for M:S, maybe you mixed that up?

Actually, it still says on the Elektron website, that Overbridge is still coming for Digitakt:

‘ *Overbridge for Digitakt will be free of charge, and become available at a later date. Read more on [Elektronauts]’

Anyway, thanks so much for your help Jens (and everyone else) this is exactly the information (and workflow) I’ve been looking for. :+1::pray: I’m VERY excited!

Looks like I’ll be getting a Digitakt once I spy one going for cheap on Ebay. Do they get flipped often?

The website is talking about the current release of Overbridge. You’ll need the beta.

You can also record everything using overbridge, and drop the tracks into your DAW later. That’s 32bit though, iirc, but it’s super-easy. Just one click


Fucking sick! Gamechanger.

Man, I’m hyped on this. I just LOVE the Elektron sequencer in the Model:Samples - but definitely can justify the added expense to grab the Digitakt for the sampling functionality and DAW integration.

Just to clarify, the beta version of Overbridge works fine? How is it different to the full version?

Sorry, just trying to understand how the recorded sample gets locked to the grid once recorded so it is in time. Do you need to estimate the start then crop to a bar length and assign to grid.

I am family with recorder trigs on OT and understand how this guarantees accurate timing.

The full version does not support the Digi-Devices and lacks Mac-Catalina Support.
I have some issues with Drivers not loading automatically on my Mac with Catalina, but found a way to work around it. So its 10 extra seconds, when I rebooted after the last use. Works fine on my old Mac with El Capitano since the latest Beta-Release without workaround. Dunno about Windows, but should work also.
Sorry, that we made you spend another few hundred bucks… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I haven’t yet - I’m hoping I can fend off the GAS until I find one being sold on Ebay…

…but there is a music store only 5 mins away from house by tram! :grimacing::flushed:. Might go down today and just have a play with the Digitakt they have on display.

I’m sorry, I still don’t quite understand what is the difference in functionality between the full version of Overbridge and the beta. It’s probably doesn’t matter to me, cause just having multitracking into a DAW, and folder organisation tools is enough.