Can you name the cover version?


5 brownie points for the first correct answer.


Not a clue really but I’m getting bits of the melody from head over heels by tears for fears.


Sort of the right era…but not quite…

The original was a bit of an 80’s pastiche and I thought I’d try and ‘out 80’s’ it :joy:


People are people


I’m getting a strong DMX Krew -vibe and on the other hand it reminds me of some Japanese Telecom track. Both might be due to the drum sound choices etc.


The singer of the original was/is the long standing front man of a guitar band. This track was part of a side project album.


i know the melody…but cant place it. regardless…:+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5:


Thanks! I’ve only uploaded some of my latest stuff to Soundcloud today. Wasn’t sure if it would be to anyone else taste but mine!:flushed:


there’s ALWAYS someone out there. :wink:
7.2 billion people…bound to be a couple on the same page.


Depeche mode - people are people?


I’d not thought about it much but thats been suggested a couple of times. Its not but it might have inspired the melodies in the original track!


Oh duh, I didn’t even see @NUoldNu posted that already! Hah, I guess I do not know


It was a popular song at the time, all over the radio. Maybe it was just a UK thing and isn’t well known elsewhere? Go on, I’ll tell…

The original is ‘I Lust U’ by Neon Neon. Gruff the frontman of Welsh band Super Furry Animals did the whole Neon Neon thing and this was the big track from their album Stainless Style.


You heard it killed here first kids! :blush:


Great minds…


Oooff! Now I’m ashamed. I have both Neon Neon albums on vinyl and really love them for their crazy conceptuality and songs.