Can you imagine if I buy a used Monomachine and elektron put them to sell again for a normal price?

this is my only fear…
because so many people are asking them for a new stock
I don’t think they will just ignore this high demand, don you guys think?

i’d be more than a little surprised if elektron rereleased the monomachine in any form. i don’t think demand has any bearing on it. bringing it back would be challenging. procuring all the parts especially w/covid chip shortages would be a tough thing to do.

i wouldn’t expect them to go backwards on product releases. if anything they’d make a MK3 monomachine that supports overbridge and all that… but based on recent personnel departures it doesn’t sound like that is the direction they’re going.

i’d be more concerned w/longevity of the machine than what elektron might or might not release.


That is true! That’s also that about how long the monomachine will last with me after buying it used wow…

I would bet quite a lot of money against the MM being reissued.


I wouldn’t worry about missing out on a new monomachine version if you buy a used one.

Elektron still havent made that handle for the model:Samples…

The real Elektron crew are almost gone. Its a different company now, monomachine just isnt on their radar.


I worry about this a bit as well. I desperately hope they reissue, but know if they don’t I’m going to want a Monomachine somewhere down the line. I don’t see how they can ignore the demand. It would be stupid to leave the money sitting on the table. I realize business often doesn’t work that way but there’s a hole for digital synthesis-based products in their upper-end product line, and they’re just going to have no plans to fill it? Strikes me as nuts.

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I can imagine them making a high-end digital synth with some similar engines, but it won’t be a Monomachine. Prices are high because of scarcity, but it’s really a niche synth – I don’t think there’s enough demand to keep those high prices going if a wave of new Monomachines were to hit the market.

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You’ll be able to download one soon.

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The DSP chipset I believe is discontinued. they’d have to rebuild the entire thing from scratch on another platform to reissue it. which would become a ship of theseus paradox for a lot of people.


wouldn’t mind the FM engines/voices as simple plug in versions… like the Noise Engineering plug ins which will hopefully be available in VST/AU soon so i can check them out. i think that kind of thing would work well for monomachine in software. simple $29 or $39 voice plug ins that are lean and can be dropped into a drum rack in ableton.

this kind of thing looks really useful to me and creative w/o a million parameters to twiddle. AAX only for now

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Yeah fair, I don’t really see the point of a MnM in software form, though. Sure the sound is special but it’s very heavily due to how the synthesis methods producing those sounds integrate with the interface and sequencing. If Elektron really is going in the direction of software, they’re going to need some kind of accompanying hardware, otherwise I’m pretty sure they’ll lose basically all of their customer base.


Not gonna happen

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Manufacturing of the DSP chip discontinued in 2019, still stocks available.
However this is a pricey chip and need two of them in the MD, MnM.
A new batch of Machines could cost crazy, allow tiny margin, would bump hyped prices and inflate prestige.
Instead, a redesigned, cost friendly platform is favourable.
MnM inherited SIDStation as a machine type, this heritage model fits better to Elektron rather than reissue.


That gives me an idea.

For the low cost of $100 I will provide insurance. If the MnM is reissued I will pay you the difference between your purchase and the price of the reissue.



Putting your money where your mouth is :ok_hand:


The last MnM I seen on ebay went for £2630. Would you actually pay that for one? That is some serious cash. You could get some heavy gear for that kinda money.

Last one I saw which ended yesterday went for £2051. Still a lot of money.

That’s not a bad price :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I guess its all relative - if money wasn’t a concern then why not I suppose.

These have gone way up in recent years. How much of it would you put down to the Sophie factor?

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A lot. I think it doubled in price since she passed.

If the new SaaS direction is true, I wouldn’t put it past them to release a VST. Wont be the same as the hardware, by any means.

As an a means to make music, it’s too expensive now. As a collectors item, it’s still underpriced.