Can you backup projects from Rytm to Catalina using SysEx Librarian?

I want to backup my Rytm MK2 projects to my Mac running Catalina.

I’ve used SysEx Librarian to send stuff to the Rytm, but I can’t seem to be able to receive.

Can anyone confirm if this works at all?

So what I’ve done is that I open up SysEx Librarian, select “Analog Rytm MKII out 1”, and the press “Record Many”.

Then on the Rytm I go to Settings > Sysex dump > Sysex send > Whole Project.

The Rytm starts sending Sysex, but nothing happens at the Mac side.

No one have experience with this?

I basically need to backup my projects from my old Rytm MK2 to my new Rytm MK1.

Could I possibly solve this by sending the projects directly between the two Rytms?