Can the monomachine sfx60 import user waves off the computer?

hi ya’ll. i recently got a monomachine but im kinda worried the monomachine i got (the sfx60) cant upload user waves? (i have the mark 2 btw)???

The MM MkII certainly can load user waveforms for use in the DIGIPRO-DDRW and DIGIPRO-DENS machines. The instructions are given in the DIGIPRO MANAGER & RECEIVE WAVEFORMS sections of the manual on pages 99 to 102.

Why are you “worried”?


i dont exactly know why i was so worried. i guess i just want to make rather complex sounds & make my own waveforms :joy:

There are a couple of good existing packs. Immortal Waves is probably the one I find the most useful, but between the 3 free ones from Elektron there’s plenty of scope to pick-n-choose your sound.

But if you do go down the route of making your own, let us know how you go!