Can LFO restart on plaback?

From what I can find, the LFO can either restart on each trig OR it is free running. Is there a way to have it restart upon playback?

Scenario example. a 16th note hihat pattern and I want the LFO to open the filter and close it once per bar (eg starts at 0, increases to fully open, and then closes). From mucking around it seems that even if I have the settings correct (Triangle, 2x speed and destination amount to a positive number), it seems to be free running and can’t sync up to this exact timing.

I see someone with a similar question on the Octatrack a few years ago but it was never answered.

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Hi RandomSkratch,
It’s not possible (yet ?) to have the lfo restarted on a specific trig allowing it to be applied for the next steps until the next time the trig is played. As you said, for now if you want to use the parameter locks, the lfo will restart everytime the trig is played… A lot of people would be happy to have this feature because it could be possible to do the timestretching trick already discuss on the digitakt forum (thanks to flohr) and here
I guess that you can get close to it with your free running technic depending on the tempo.
However did you try to change the phase of the lfo with SPH in the lfo menu for a better setting of your free running lfo ? (page 35 of the user manual)

Okay thanks, so I’m not missing something then (I did go through the manual a few times and didn’t see anything).

I think I did try changing the phase but I’m not 100%. Will need to try that today.

I tried something this morning with your example of a HitHat.
For the global setting of the Ifo:
set the destination of the lfo to the cutoff, triangle wave, multiplier x2 and a positive value for the depht (as you wanted it to be) .
Enter a note at the last 16th step of the sequencer, you can change the parameter lock of this one to level 0 if you don’t want this one to be heard… Now you can change the parameter lock of the lfo just for this note and set the waveform to Env. Even if it ‘s free running, after this note, the lfo will be restarted and , by changing the starting point of the phase and the depht you can get closer to what you want. So it’ s basically a way of ending the cycle of the free running lfo forcing it to restart.
I hope this will help :wink:

Thanks kwisatz, I haven’t had any time to muck around with it since your reply. I’ll give what you suggest a shot to see if that works how I’m envisioning it working.

The LFO setup is definitely more on the confusing side of things (along with numbers for delay times…what’s up with that?).