Can I update my MD SPS-1 MK1 using the midi on my other Elektron gear?

I have an MD SPS-1 that I would like to update.

I don’t have any audio interfaces with midi that I can use to send to the MD, but I have a couple of other Elektron devices, like A4 MK2, and AR MK2.

I’m using the SysEx Librarian on Mac, and with that I can send the .syx document to f.x. my AR. Is it possible then to use the midi out or midi thru on my AR to forward the .syx to the MD? I’ve tried it without luck…

It is not possible.

What would I need for this? Just some USB to midi interface?

Usb to midi would work fine. Maybe a cheap maudio midi sport or midiman. You can find them for $20. Or do you have a friend that has this type of interface that you could just borrow for a few hours to do the update?

I’m located in Iceland so aquiering most things take some time. So trying to do this with what I have would be best.

I see some threads are suggesting that you can use AH for this, I have one of those. Might give that a try. Anyone heard success stories of that route working out?

As far as I know none of the boxes transmit midi thru on the out port.

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