Can I turn off transport?


I can’t see a way to turn on/off transport send and receive like on the OT and A4. I don’t need me DN telling my DAW or other gear to start every time I’m demoing a pattern on it.


I am yet to find a solution to this also, but i only got my DN a week or two ago…


Unlike the OT and A4, there’s no option in the settings. On page 60 of the manual, it says:

14.3.1 SYNC
Controls how Digitone receives and sends MIDI clock and transport commands. Change settings by
using the [LEFT]/[RIGHT] arrow keys or the [YES] key.

Yet I see no transport command options.


On the digi boxes transport and clock are turned off or on with the same option. There is no separate control for each.


I have my CLOCK set to off, but it still sent the PLAY command to FLStudio when I was trying out some sequences before I recorded them into FL.


And I guess this means that you can’t have the DN playing at a halftime BPM when being controlled by another Elektron device because clock and transport are tied together?


You could use pattern scale for that.


I could. To bad pattern scale is per pattern and not per track. This machine is so frustrating.


Yes, scale per track would be nice. But playing your pattern at half speed would get you the results you asked about.

As for the other question, not sure why the dn would still be sending transport when you have it turned off. Maybe a bug…


No problems here. MIDI CONFIG > SYNC > CLOCK SYNC unchecked, the Digitone will not send transport messages. Maybe you have set other gear to send transport messages and the Digitone is set to “thru”, so it forwards those messages to your DAW? Or maybe you load a project which has enabled CLOCK SYNC?



I must have accidentally hit it when I was exiting the MIDI config and turned it back on! Haha.



Of course, now I’m realizing that without transport controls separate, I can’t demo sounds with my DAW on patterns that already have sequences in and keep it clock synced or it automatically started the sequence, too. Yes, of course I could go to an empty pattern, but that means remembering something else. There’s no good reason not to have clock sync and transport separate, especially since it’s on the big boxes. This is ridiculous.


From what I’ve read on various threads now it sounds like that box isn’t for you mate.
Flog it while you can


But it sounds so frigging good. It’s slowly growing on me. Feels like the most love/hate relationship I’ve ever had with a piece of gear. Gonna see what I can do with it.