Can i program change patches in digitakt from Analog four mkII songmode?


Maybe the question is already been answered before,

I am thinking of getting an AFmkII and since I have already a digitakt would be great if that would mean use the songmode of Analog Four in the digitakt as well.

Is it possible? how?

quite a noob here :slight_smile:


Hi, this is possible. A4 would have to be midi master and sending program change messages to the digitakt. digitakt then changes the pattern accordingly. simple midi cable fromA4 midi out to digitakt midi in is required. you would loose tempo per pattern settings, as this is not implemented in A4…


Does A4 have to be master? Won’t it send PC according to song mode anyway?
I wonder how well it would work if DT was master but A4 was still using song mode and set to send PC?

Just a thought… I could see it not being tight, but maybe, it’s worth a shot… :thinking:


Good point :+1:t2: I thought about that too, but wanted to give the OP a proven solution first. I will try it later today with AR and A4 and report back…


Just tried it and it works without problems. :slight_smile: AR is sending clock and start to A4 and A4 song/chain mode sends pattern changes (program change messages) to AR - seems tight in sequential pattern change mode… maybe someone with AR or A4 and DT or DN could try it with actual bpm change between the patterns…