Can anyone recommend A4 sound packs

hi there,iam trying to resist buying the AR…cost and gearlust etc…would like to beef up my A4 with some tastey drums can anyone recommend and have links to sound packs …thankyou


Get @darenager’s DrumA


Thanks for that .when i load the file to c6 what do i do on the A4 to recive the file place it and then locate it after install ?sorry noob here thanks


try this

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+1 Druma - only sound pack I have ever used - like all the time basically

Free pack

Wow I slept on all these packs

Another free drum pack


thanks for al the replies awesome ,ill be busy downloading them very soon…using c6 to install the packs to the A4 in the A4 how do i designate the install location and how do i find it after install…