Call and Response in Your Compositions

If you guys are only passingly familiar with the idea of call and response, I highly recommend checking out this video I just put up:

Hopefully I can inspire some ideas in those creative heads of yours

Also, if anyone has any ideas of other communities I can share this that would benefit I’d like to know. I was thinking the music theory subreddit–the composing one is pretty much dead.


While I was quite familiar with the call and reasponse concept growing up on hardcore punk music, I really enjoy your take on it for the electronic music setting. Gives me something to consider next time I sit in front of my boxes. Good stuff.

That winehouse is such a good one.

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Thanks man :slight_smile:

And like I say at the end, I think as humans call and response is such a natural inclination that it makes its way into our music without us thinking twice–no matter the genre. But you can really push it to its limits and explore it for some exciting results.

Again, that Law and Order theme is a masterclass in call and response. Even the drum part responds to the melody/chords with its rim clicks! I may do a video on that, too…

Yes! I spoke about this at a gig I played on sunday. All animals do it especially birds. It is one of the most important elements in music, without it, no matter what the genre, the music will feel dull and lifeless.

I write all of my compositions with call and response very frontal in my lobe.

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