C6 sample transfer -> Kit construction


Hi there All,
First post and I really apologise it if this has been asked before!
I’ve recently become the proud owner of a Machinedrum, and it sounds amazing, but I just cannot for the life of me work out how to load samples from the sample manager so that I can then produce kits from them. I’ve read and re-read the manual so many times, and gone around in circles watching YT vids that just don’t capture the process…does anybody have a resource of any kind that explains this process really clearly step by step for this here simpleton? Pleeeaase? I’m going crazy here.
Peace and best wishes. Thankyou very much in advance.


I am in this same situation in that I just couldn’t get samples transferred over by C6.

I couldn’t get me head around it when I tried a little while back. And it’s not as though I have much problem with the other Elektron devices (I found OT quite straightforward), but this had me stumped.

P.S Yeah the M.D. is amazing!!


I have transferred the samples into the manager, i have a sample bank and snapshot named the same. But I just don’t see how i can load the samples into a kit. Maybe I’m missing something here. This is so frustrating. :frowning:


Use a ROM machine and load the sample from there


what MIDI interface you use? i can surely say, these crappy cheap USB MIDI “interfaces” won’t work. they are only capable to connect a Midi/USB Keyboard with a Computer, that’s all. Sysex and transmitting Midi clock to a Elektron MD, are not possible with those interfaces. at least in my case.

it depends also on a few other factors- is the MD set up to recieve midi/sysex data? did you already tried to increase the “Delay (ms)” in the C6 options?


Thanks for chiming in jeffe, this is the thing, I just cannot for the life of me work out the relationship between the samplebanks/snapshots and the kits, and also how to use a rom machine to get the samples to play. I swear I’ve gone through the manual so many times trying to figure out how it is done, but I just can’t see it! I swear if I’m ever able to work this out, I’ll make a YT vid of this specific process so that others don’t feel as stupid as I do right now. I just dont know how to get the samples set up and loaded up so that they can be selected within a rom machine for playing in a kit. I’ll try again today… Best wishes.


Hi there MDMnM,
Thanks for making contact. The transferring of samples it not actually the problem. It takes a little longer, but I’ve been successful with using c6 via my MOTU ultralite mk3 in loading the files to the MD. That part is fine. I have the turbo, but haven’t used it yet. It’s more to do with what I say in my reply to jeffe above - I just cant work out how to manage the samples from there on in to get them into a kit. The manual is frustrating in that it just doesn’t quite cover that last bit of detail that is most vital. Or I cannot see it… I’ll push on, see if I can work it out. :slight_smile:


is the latest firmware update for the MD installed, so that you can see named samples with max. 4 characters in the manager? i can’t believe that you can’t load them. thiat’s one of the easiest things^^


Hi, sorry, I should confirm - I have transferred the files. The samples are in the MD. It’s how to load them up into a kit that has me confused.


Hi just load the Kit you want to modify or make a New one. On the track you select ej. Track one BD go to the Menú that you load the kits and go to edit. There’s antoher window Then make shure youre on track one assign a ROM machine to that slot and on the next row just select the sample you want.

Later on you can copy paste and move your StuffIt on the sample manager.


Video of the ROM load process