Buying AH MKII second hand - anything to look for?


The seller is a DJ who didn’t really know what he was buying into so he sells it like new in a box.
I will have the chance to see it in person before I buy - anything to look for in particular?
I guess there is a test mode which I will run and then check functionality of buttons, encoders and display.

Are there any particular bugs or fabrication defects that are well known and I should check for?

Many thanks!


uh, check to see if the unit passes a dry/wet signal and that the headphone jack works, might want to try to connect to OBB or check that your computer can recognize the AH in the OB engine


Check stereo with max drive settings. Some units can have differences between left / right, depends on character circuits.


Check whether the serial no. is registered with Elektron. If so, ask the seller to unregister at handover to avoid issues down the line. Elektron support is very good and they will sort you out in case any issues come up during the 3yr warranty period.


Thanks for the good advices, appreciate that!