Bulk converting .flac files to .wav in mac?

There’s been a few posts over the years on this, but none seem to have kept up with the current state of things. I’ve got a bunch of samplepacks in .flac format that I am wanting to covert to .wav in bulk (there’s a few hundred files). I used to rely on iTunes for this, but mac truly hates anything helpful in their updates - it seems like the new Music app won’t read .flac files anymore.

Anyone have any suggestions of best software/ways of going about converting?

Learn some shell scripting and use SoX.


If you convert from .flac to .aiff (as opposed to .wav) it should retain any of the .flac file’s metadata.
which may be useful for cataloging and such.

I like switch

You’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On macOS, a cheap option would be using Apple compressor.

Otherwise Steinberg Wavelab Elements will do the trick - it has a good batch converter. A trial version is available and it’s part of their temporarily free StayAtHome package.


The Steinberg Elements #StayAtHome deal expired yesterday. It was a free-to-use period.

I use xACT. It can decode FLAC to AIFF or WAV (as well as encoding a variety of formats).


Oops - sorry I didn’t check before posting. The 30 day trial is still available though.