Bug report!

Anyone else ever noticed a bunch of insects in their OT display?! Thought there were a few specks of dust or something so I tried to wipe it off but nothing happened so I looked really close and there are at least 5 tiny tiny TINY bugs inside the screen?!? ,crawling around at different ‘depths’… My room isn’t the cleanest in the house but I’m a but freaked out still, any idea what kind of bug it’s likely to be? Wondering if we need to fumigate the house or something, got 3 young kids… Can’t see any insects anywhere else in room/houses tho… Weird! Guess I’m stuck with em in OT now, going to notice them each time I use it, ugh…

Bug report!! lol, open a ticket with Elektron! This would bug me to no end - I’d have to consider spraying the OT with some nasty bug repellent stuff.

I’ve no idea what to do! Don’t want to damage OT trying to get rid of them (already very slightly scratched the screen protector film earlier while trying to figure out what was going on!). So I guess they’re staying…

Hoping it’s just going to be a psychological irritant and they can’t actually damage the machine. Hopefully they’re not breeding in there?!?

Photos !!!

Dude they’re TINY! Tried to take a photo to send to my GF but my phone won’t focus that close to OT. I only noticed them cos I was laid on bed jamming with my head about a foot away…

Think I sussed where they came from at least, my mum gave me some really old records that were my grandpa’s, in this super musty binder thing. I had my OT sat on it for a few days, figured OT was on rubber feet so it would be ok. Didn’t even think of bugs :confused: Hoping there’s some amazing samples lurking on the records to balance things out :wink:

lol, i had the same! lucky for me it was just one tiny beastie, walking upside down under the screen…i was like, wtf will i do, i opted for hoping it will die and does not have babies…lol, I also blew hard into all the openings. I wondered if it was from my cat…

Haha, yeah fingers crossed they die peacefully & celibate in a dark corner away from the screen!

"Haha, yeah fingers crossed they die peacefully & celibate in a dark corner away from the screen! "
:joy: gave me an early morning giggle !

Unplug the octatrak, take the cover off and give it a good blow out with compressed air.


My prior reply was a thumbs up :wink: Vanished when posted.