Bug: Digitakt Pattern Mutes don't seem to be recorded in Overbridge

Hi, I’ve been trying to record in overbridge with ableton live.

I have the latest DT firmware and latest overbridge.

My process is usually that I would record a live set into ableton, recording all my automation so I can tweak it later if I messed something up.

When I press record and start recording track mutes, only the global mutes are being recorded.
When I look in the plugin window, the pattern mute is being enabled etc, so it’s definitely doing something, but the automation isn’t being recorded :frowning:

The issue doesn’t occur with global mutes and I can record those just fine.

I’m honestly not sure if this is a bug with latest update or if this is always how it has worked as this is my first time trying the pattern mutes!

Anyone else seeing this or am I missing something?


I’ve been able to automate pattern mutes from Ableton vía Overbridge, but I can’t record them. So it’s not just you.

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Just noticed a few other possible bugs, but maybe it’s intended.

  1. It doesn’t seem to record the FILL button
  2. It doesn’t seem to record Pattern Change

So it seems I can’t capture a performance fully as midi :frowning:

I think you can send it pattern change info but you can’t record it into Ableton by pressing buttons on the device - these commands are just for internal use, not sent over midi. Happy to be proved wrong, but I think that’s just how it was designed to work

Edit: then again, thinking about it, how would other Elektrons know to change pattern if it’s not sent over midi??? Maybe it’s simply an OB limitation?

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Yea I’m not sure if the program change recording is a limitation of Ableton rather than Overbridge but I guess you could pseudo solve it by assigning a different CC to program change so that ableton could record that but that probs throws up other probs.

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Yes, you’re probably right on that. Returning to the original intention of the post, I see there’s a pattern mute midi command on the last page of the manual. No idea what it does exactly, but maybe someone can work it out:

I was thinking about the possibility of recording a live session of the Digitakt as well, I haven’t tried yet. Following :blush: