Broccoli Sessions

And there i was, riding my unicorn named Ginette through the marshmallow fields and i thought :
" I should create my own topic on the forum so that the Elektronauts know where to avoid the excruciating experience of my experimentations and lame usage of elektron gear"

So…Here’s the first episode of the “Broccoli Sessions”, a collection of patterns that pose as a live set :

Thanks for listening, watching and not sending armed people after me.


Not my usual brand of biscuits but I like it.

I especially like the kinda woody sound of some of the samples, very nice.
You’ve also managed to dirt up the Digitone pretty nice too.

Don’t eat too much broccoli though, it makes your farts smell rank.

Thanks !
I love to inject organic textures in synthetic music, and the more i’m learning the Digitone, the more i wonder how i managed to live without it all this time !

…And you’re absolutely right about Broccoli, that’s why i always eat some before going to annoying appointments.

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Surely all this belongs in the GAS anecdote thread


Nice one!
I like your playful approach - sounds funny :totes:

Thank you !
I can’t resist the funny and the weird …

I’m not oftenly a huge fan of jams, but that broccoli one was really cool !
The choice of rythms patterns and your sound selection was pretty enjoyable. Thanks for sharing !

Thanks a lot !
Creating my own sounds has become so joyful recently, thanks to the Digitone (…for the most part ) !