Brace yourselves - BomeBox is coming!

The preproduction model just arrived by DHL - beyond stoked!

If there are any Midi Translator Pro gurus on this board, any good tips on getting along with Bome scripting will be appreciated.

Mass production of the BomeBox is underway and this baby is hitting the retail chain during late summer/early autumn, if Omnissiah wills it.


Oh excellent - let us know how you get on with it. I used Midi Translator back in the day and I’ve been looking forward to Bome Box.

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What’s the advantage over the recently announced MIO interfaces from IConnectivity?


For sure! I’ve been thinking about making a custom mixer + channelstrip UI for a k-mix with one launchcontrol XL and one Midi Fighter twister. That will take a while though since I have not bought a kmix yet :nyan:

Also got an idea of making a UI for my MPC1000 from an old APC40, which has been sitting in a cupboard for years. Not sure how I’d map the knobs, but the grid could control sequences and track muting, and faders could control q-links (that is, if I can control qlinks of several tracks similtaneously).

Then there’s mapping an MPD218 to handle most of my fingerdrumming needs with the Analog Rytm, takes some time to suss out what I’d like to do though!

MIO interfaces don’t run Bome scripts AFAIK?

If you haven’t checked what can be done with Bome scripting, I suggest digging into it a bit. It’s not as elaborate as using C74 max to manipulate MIDI data, but it’s quite advanced!

After a bit of futzing around, I got the box initialized and managed to map the MPD218 to the AR’s pads. I have to say the MPD218 fat pads are surprisingly good! They easily smoke most other padcontrollers I’ve used, will be selling off my MPC elements and the TFP now.

Seems like even a measily 2600 mA USB battery is enough to power the BomeBox and the MPD! I reckon I will be able to power a bunch of USB devices and the BomeBox with a bigger 2.1A USB powerbank.

Haven’t uploaded any bome scripts yet, that will be the next step. Starting with something simple like a next/previous pattern control for MPD pads 15/16.


It is a way to run Bome Midi Translator scripts without a computer.

BMT lets you map an incoming Midi message to an outgoing Midi message via various mappings, modifiers, conditional statements etc.

The only comparable hardware that I know of is Mutable Instrument’s (no longer in production) MidiPal. The BomeBox goes further in terms of the complexity of the scripts you can run and has a bunch of useful I/O ports.


Ok, I’ve started to make some progress with the bomebox. The port mapping and routing is a bit fiddly ATM since the port names of USB MIDI controllers is not the same in Midi Translator Pro (software) and the bomebox (hardware). But after some futzing around I’m reaching something resembling a usable rig!

The MPD218 handles any pad drumming needs, with the top four pads available for extra functionality. Currently I have mapped a relative program change up/down to the pads 15-16.

Qunexus handles any monophonic key playing duties, assigned to the autochannel so I can easily select the voice I want to play.

LaunchControl XL handles voice mixing (track volumes for all voices) with the green LED labeled knobs and the eight faders are mapped to the first 8 performance macro slots.

I still need to check if I can get a MIDI clock into the MPD218 somehow - was thinking via DIN, as that’s how I’ll be receiving clock sync most of the time - If I can get it to work, I’ll get a nice bonus in the form of quantized note repeat action with the AR, which the MPD218 can do but the Rytm on it’s own cannot (?)

I need to get everything to the same height though, the ergonomics are not ideal ATM

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Very nice. I saw this at NAMM and they really sold me on it. Super affordable, too!

Happy to let you know that BomeBox is now officially shipping!

get yours at

Really happy for Florian (but moreso happy for the community) :ecstatic:


I bet you fuck shit up with this little rig.
I love Bomes, but I haven’t really used in a while.
Excited the BomeBox is shipping!

Heh, I wish! Bome sure do next level stuff, but personally I’m still at the “figuring it out” level. Hoping the community will grow now that the box is out so I can get help from peeps with more bome skills than me lol

Curious if it can be used in a similar fashion as a MOTU MIDI Express XT except using USB MIDI instead of 5 pin MIDI connections. I need to send clock to all devices + merge note and controller data. I know you can add a USB hub to connect multiple USB MIDI devices so I’m curious what can be done.

The bomebox has good routing, you can merge anything. All ports have I/O matrix so you can send USB to ehternet, MIDI to wlan, all to DIN MIDI etc. The routing can be configured from the box via ethernet & WLAN.

If you have very specific setups that you need to have working, it’s best to ask Florian at bome forums about them. He’s super helpful!

Is anyone using it? How reliable is it?

I was thinking of connection all my 12 midi devices via USB hub to it, to get them all midi clocked. I’m just afraid it creates to much latency. Something like this:

Digitakt is the master clock as it saves tempo per pattern

Digitakt -> Digitone			Midi Clock
Digitakt -> AS-1				Midi Clock
Digitakt -> OP-1				Midi Clock
Digitakt -> Analog Rytm			Midi Clock
Digitakt -> Analog Four			Midi Clock
Digitakt -> Eventide Space		Midi Clock
Digitakt -> Eventide TimeFactor	Midi Clock
Digitakt -> Nord Drum 2			For sequencing all six Nord Drum sounds
Digitone -> Nord Lead A1		For sequencing all four Nord Lead A1 parts

Keyboard - > Digitakt			Midi notes to chromatic drums
Keyboard - > Digitone			Midi notes to the synth
Keyboard - > Analog Four		Midi notes to the synth
Keyboard - > OP-1			Midi notes to the synth
Keyboard - > AS-1			Midi notes to the synth

@flocked, interested to hear what your answer to this was. I found out about the Bome box from searching for the answer to a very similar issue to what you’ve just described. My RYTM is the clock master, but my Digitone, a few other synths, my eventide effects, and a handful of input devices all need to play happily together without a DAW (but with the ability to inject one should I want to). So yeah, if you’ve used the Bome (or if anyone else has) to solve this problem - or if you’ve found something else that does it well - I’m all ears. The MOTU Micro express, the iConnect MIDI4+, the RK-004, and I’m sure a few other devices do this sort of thing, so I’m really looking for the most flexible solution at the best price. The thing the Bome has going for it is the very capable scripting and the variety of power methods, plus the ethernet support which I could see being very useful for a stage setup. The MOTU is known to be rock solid reliable. The iConnect seems reasonably priced and has a bunch of physical DIN ports as well as USB host ability, but seems less than optimally reliable, unless that’s changed. And the RK-004 is a newcomer which doesn’t specify if it can handle a bunch of USB devices or not - the raspberry pi firmware isn’t trivial to figure out at a distance.