Bought (please close) : UK : Arturia keystep Black

tempted to buy black arturia keystep …

ideally in v.good condition with box.
i’m in london

£80 inc shipping/pickup in central london would be great.
or if anyone knows of a store still selling them let me know too :slight_smile:

I have been looking for it everywhere it ‘s out of stock everywhere

maybe we could start a completely baseless rumour that its out of stock because of a keystep2 is due ?

i see those new coloured controllers but i’d prefer keystep.
maybe i should grab a white one.

@re5et I might part with my Black Keystep.
Give me until the morning to make a decision and I’ll let you know. It’s boxed and in very good condition.

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Unfortunately i won’t return home until later tonight. I’ll test what i need to and update you tomorrow. I’m trying to work out if i’ll use it with a new Digitone that i’ve just received. But I’ll give you a definitive answer in the morning.

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Good to go. Sending PM.

I bought one from someone else , so I guess if your are reading this there may still be one available from @Ci-Fi

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Do you sell an arturia keystep black for sale?