Bought a Nintendo Switch



There’s a great sale going on right now.

Aside from zelda and maybe some nicely priced indies Ill never pay full price again.


This one is only 10 bucks right now :eyes:


I bought this recently , reminds me of old spectrum / c64 games.


That’s on my “to play” list…


Sensuas Sacrifce is great, allthough a little bit short, its very entertaining. Very good port on the Switch.


Same. But it really does depend on the game- I’m going to establish a rule(that I won’t follow)- that I need to finish the games i already have before paying full price for a game


Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet but Tetris 99 is wonderful (assuming you like Tetris).


It’s crazy how fun that game is.


I love the Switch. My favorite games so far have been:

Dark Souls
Hollow Knight
New Super Mario Bros
Guacamelee 2

And these are already downloaded and waiting to be played:

Axiom Verge
Dragons Dogma


I love a bit of co-op… the missus gets all agitated playing overcooked 2 with the kids, it’s hilarious. Try snipperclips for some laugh out loud fun. :smiley:


Funniest thing ever was to play overcooked having a beer with my friends… we putted on youtube Gordon Ramsay’s insults compilation while playing… It was epic!


Phenomenal game! Some platforming sections are extremely difficult tho.

Just bought dead cells, great so far…


Inside is SO SO GOOD!

Limbo is also worth playing


Ungh! Wargroove is on sale. Must resist!

I loved all the Advance Wars -games to bits. Not a huge fan of dragons & fantasy & such but a new Advance Wars -clone on a portable machine is just what I need on my holiday.


Advance Wars was amazing. I can’t believe they haven’t been re-released or ported to anything!


I’ll never tire of recommending Dead Cells


CRAWL with a few friends and a drink of your choice (we chose whiskey) is about as fun as fun gets. I HIGHLY recommend this game if you’re into local multiplayer games that will get you laughing. It’s four player. One player has to progress through a dungeon. The other players are ghosts that can possess creatures to fight you, possess traps in rooms and trigger them, throw things at you, etc. If a ghost manages to kill the main player, it becomes the main player and continues into the dungeon. The music is amazing too.


What are the chances of it coming to the switch? Is it a power hungry remake?


TowerFall is supposed to be a good coop from the makers of (the incredible) Celeste.


Inside was an amazing experience.

I’m playing through Limbo now and kind of wish I played it first since so far I like Inside more, but I’m enjoying it as well and it’s making me remember some of the crazy stuff that happens in Inside.

On another note, the more I play Dead Cells the more I like it since I’m sucking less.