Bought a Nintendo Switch


Out of curiosity …are all Games Well playable with the joy cons or does one better get a Switch together with the Gamepad Pro?


I would buy a separate Pro controller, nothing wrong with the joy cons, but the Pro controller is basicly the best you can get, esp. for games you want to play in docked - mode, that are more challenging or because you are used to regular controllers.


I love the Pro. Its so comfy.

If you get one check immediately if it’s one of the notorious buggy ones: Dpad sporadically screws up.


How to Check this?


First time i hear of this, more important to check if it is hackable, because free games


Get a fighting game and see how it goes. To be be fair, it’s not he best designed d-pad which is a shame but if you’re not a heavy fighter gamer you should be ok.

As for games, plenty of great shouts but everyone do yourself a favour and her Dark Souls. Loved every minute of it (in a perverse way) on Switch.



Im terrified of this game.

Cause Ill lose my real life to it.


It’s a bona fide classic. I loved every minute of it back in 2011 and still come back to it. Beating it at SL1 is a personal triumph I’m awfully proud of :stuck_out_tongue:

The connectedness of the world is so good. It feels so real. The lore is awesome once you look into it. The feeling of dread… Best game in the series imo.

Sekiro is amazing too, but different.



Sekiro is def not Switchable right?


Nope just ps4 and Xbox one and pc


Might be even harder to resist when the new Shin Megami drops.

Or a Persona 5 port.

Or a Death Stranding port.



This thread got me to pull mine off of the charger and buy Firewatch, which has been on my wish list for a while. So far, it’s been fun!


I played that game, I didn’t get the appeal of it


Firewatch is awesome! But i liked Everybodies gone to the rapture even more.


How was it awesome? I played it and I only felt one awesome part that was actually inconsequential

Edit: I’m not trying to cause an argument, I really don’t understand how that game was good


I found it very emotional and heart touching. Great story telling.


When Switch was released I was low on money so I decided to fund my Switch purchase by selling my OP-1. That was hands down the stupidest idea ever. I went a year without my OP-1 until I came across a good trade offer and got one back. Now I have both, Switch and OP-1 and I’m a really happy dude.

Nowadays I also have a credit card. I’ll never again have to sell a beloved synth to fund something i want.


I love these games but really hate it on the Switch; played it for half an hour and had to put it down. The screen’s too small to really show off what the game’s about… which is a shame. Might still pick it up at some point.


Ow. My feels. That game is so good.