Boss Waza Craft pedals on synths


By the way… the CE-2w sounds infinitely better than that TC Juno chorus copy. I wouldn’t bother with that one.


Again thanks for the infos !
That would be great if you have the time to do a little demo thanks :slight_smile:

BTW the Oto BIM can make an amazing Chorus FX but unfortunately it doesnt like high frequency at all so thats why im looking for a replacement.


Just in case you’d would not be aware, there was a Juno chorus pedal released a few months ago.


Yep but unfortunately it doesnt sounds really great from what i’ve heard.


Doesn’t the OB-6 have Chorus onboard?


Yep but FX on the OB6 are kinda crappy imo though i like the phaser.


Ok, here are some quick demos.

These are all done using a Novation Peak with all effects bypassed, mono output into the CE-2w (no re-amping), running into the DC-2w. Some recordings are using both outputs from the CE-2w, some are only mono out from the CE-2w so you can hear what the difference sounds like with the two channels blended.

The DC-2w goes into an Analog Heat for a little bit of clean boost and that is then recorded into Logic through a Focusrite Saffire. Nothing done to it in Logic bar a few dB of clean gain.

The ones with both pedals are dry, then CE-2w only, then DC-2w only. I mess around with the settings quite a lot. Any clicks/blips are the mode switch on the CE-2w.

Arp - DC-2w is from 0:44
Bass - DC-2w is from 0:52
Pad1 - DC- 2w is from 2:11
Pad2 - DC-2w is from 1:04

At 0:39 in the Arp mono file I add the DC-2w to the CE-2w for lols. Pad2 sounds like it has chorus on when it’s dry but I think it’s pitch modulation on one oscillator in the patch (sorry).

Hope that helps.


WOW ! thank you so much for that ! :slight_smile:


No worries, hope it’s of some use.


Oh, forgot to say. The DC-2w is permanently in SDD-320 (Dimension D / “studio”) mode. It sounds better that way. :okej:


Well that was very helpful. I prefer the DC-2w by far from what i can hear.


I just ran my SH-01A through my Boss pedals (CE-2w, BF-2, DD-3, DM-2w, and RV-6) and they all sound great with the volume kept at 12 o’clock on the SH-01A.

I actually think I like how the DM-2w sounds with the synth more than with my guitar…

I prefer using the CE-2w in mono, but that DC-2w sounds awesome for stereo.


The DC-2w is really nice. It sounds great and it works as a spatializer on stereo sub mixes etc. On a lot of settings you don’t really hear the modulation as much as a normal chorus because of the way it works. But yeah, you want width, it has width for days.

As @mickeyziggyk mentions upthread, the CE-2w is a really nice sounding old-school analogue chorus but it definitely has a slight tone hit.


a bit OT, but still in the synth with pedals category: anyone here also loves the Zoom Multistomps? :smiley:


Not waza, but the CEB-3 is worth a mention.

It’s a rather pedestrian effect as far as chorus goes, but great for synth bass and synths for two reasons. It has a Dry output and a low frequency cut pot.

I actually hate it on Bass guitar, but on my Subsequent37 for bass patches the “low cut” is perfect for keeping the bottom tight and fat while adding Chorus to the top end harmonics.