Boss DR-660 Free Sample Pack


sounds great, have fun.


I have had two of these over the years and i’ve always loved them.
I used to take one to work and write patterns during my lunch break.
The 808s on this thing are gold. Will get your pack and thanks so much for your efforts.
Really appreciate it.

One of the machines is with a mate now. The lithium battery onboard lasted for, get this, 20 years, granted it was in a box for the last 10.


I got one of these back in the day and it’s a real sleeper classic IMHO. Still getting mileage out of it. Samples or OG, can’t go wrong with the 660.


This link is dead (and contained malware anyway) - does anyone have a new link? Would love to have this!


No idea about this set but I think there are some good free DR-660 samples on


Great - thanks!