Boostrap error, device seems broken

Hi everyone.
First post here and i’m kinda desperate. Just received yesterday my Model:Sample.
At first start it displays something about “bootstart updgrade” but it lasted for hours… so i finaly tried a firmware upgrade using “C6”. The transfer seemed to work but then it stucked allnight with the message “upgrading… do not turn off”. Since this morning i’m not able to display anything on the screen and the “on” button just does nothing :confused: So disappointed ! Please, is there any hard reset hardware manipulation to reboot something ?
Thanks !


that’s unfortunate. If you haven’t done so, you should register at Elektron’s support portal and open an incident ticket. Elektron support will sort this out for you in no time.


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Thank Hans_Olo for that fast reply. I’ll do that. Yeah frustrating (i took a day off :sob:)

One thing I forgot: that is if you didn’t get the M:S from a retailer that can exchange it for you. If you bought it in a store, that of course should be your first port of call.

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Yeah. I bougth it online not from Elektron. But i was more looking for a quick fix / undocumented procedure. Sure i’ll sent it back if it’s not possible.

Even when you hold [FUNC] while powering up?

If it works you could access the startup menu and press [TRIG 3] to do a factory reset.

On the other hand when you get this error already with the first start of your device an exchange could be the better option.

Yes, unfortunately even with the FUNC button. It just seems DEAD :confused:

Thats sad. Hopefully you have more luck with your next device!