Books that helped you make better music


I liked Howard Goodall ‘big bangs’ as it reinforced, for me, the relationship between technology and art. Often viewed as polar opposites. Gobshite!


My first Macbook was def a game changer coming from windows vista :space_invader:


Wow great thread!

I will definitely be getting some of these for reference over the xmas break!



Summary Really look like “The Secrets Of House Music Production Book” from Sample Magic… i order it i hope it will be different. :smile: i hope with its 312 pages it will more precise and developed… than SHMP

Forget to mention that one which explain Overall Sound Synthesis :


I third Mike Senior’s book. Basically taught me how to mix to a decent standard. Best investment ever.


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The authors mention SHMP in the intro. I think SDMP is an expanded/updated version. It should be more up-to-date and exhaustive, but I haven’t read SHMP so can’t say for sure. I really like the book anyway, but I’m probably a bit more of a noob to sound production than you are. :wink:


One thing that i learn is we always learn something :grin:


For those who are still looking for the composition I’d recommend “Music Theory for Computer Musicians” from Michael Hewitt


Reading this a few years ago was an epiphany, highly recommend!


Great thread. I have most of these but haven’t read them. Thanks for the reminders.


I’ve seen this book mentioned a few times, I think ill grab it. Anything about in particular that you really like?


I highly recommend this one, especially for those musicians who find themselves jaded and want to get back to fundamentals. And all W.A. Mathieu’s other books are worth reading later if you like this one.




Either/Or: Kierkegaard
The Illuminatus! Trilogy: Shea and Wilson
The Wealth of Nations: Smith
The Jungle: Sinclair
Brave New World: Huxley


What I really like about this book is that it starts from scratch and it goes developing the music theory from basics to advanced knowledge. It talks about the foundation of the sound and the relationship with the notes and explains how a scale is constructed, so based on the C Major scale, after all you can develop other major scale from any other note. The same for the minor scales and the relationship with the major. I haven’t finished the book so it needs maybe a couple or three readings over the different chapters.


Just read this fascinating book on the history of MIDI, “Mad Skills: Midi and Music Technology in the 20th Century”. Definitely recommend.

Now that I’ve finished, I find myself thirsting for more insight into the history of all this music technology I often take for granted. So, in the continued search for knowledge, I was wondering if anyone here has anything to recommend reading or watching on the history of music technology and the hidden heros (or villains) behind the scenes.


There’s always the “I dream of wires” documentary. I found it enjoyable.


Great doc!

Just ordered Analog Days. Looks like a good read.


Does it have to be music related? I just finished the sound and the fury and it was incredible. 4 sides of the same story, initially super confusing and then it all comes together. Rewards a second reading.