Blush Response

[Blush Response]( has been making modular-heavy industrial techno for just a handful of years. He's also been a hired gun for bands as diverse as [Dangerous Muse]( and Scar the Martyr. We were able to catch Joey in Berlin for a short, intense talk about music, gear, sound-crafting, and cyberpunk. [Read the Talk here](


Recommended: wicked stuff.


My Eurorack now is eight rows, 104HP, and I also have the Octatrack, Digitakt, Digitone, Analog Rytm MKI and MKII, a Kawai K5000S, Kawai K1M, Yamaha DX200, a Waldorf microQ keyboard, and this FireworX that I just got!

Duuuuude… :alien::alien::alien:


Reading what he said about the Digitone made me crave one badly.

Really good interview. I liked that they talked about stuff outside music and gear.