BlueTooth Hardware Plugin(5 pin/USB) for DIGITAKT?

Is anywhere aware of a jack I suppose that one could plug into the Digitakt and be able to use a Bluetooth controller to control the DIGITAKT?

I have a couple bluetooth midi controllers I would love to use with the DIGITAKT.

Appreciate the ideas.



I use the Quicco Sound Bluetooth midi adapter with my Deluge. You need a iphone/ipad as a interface. With that I can use my bluetooth midi-controllers(Korg Nanokey Studio and my Roli Seaboard/Lightpad) to control the Deluge.

I think the same must be possible with the Digitakt.

Would this work?

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The Quicco’s that I mentioned in my post are the same, but ony much smaller.

I don’t know if the Digitakt gives enough power to the midi ports, that can be a problem.

I will look into it
thank you

Someone maybe know could it will work with Roli Seaboard Block and Digitone ?