Blokas Midihub

I’m looking for a device that will allow me to use my favorite MIDI controller with other MIDI sound modules and samplers. Its built-in response curves don’t work well with some devices, and all I need is something to help me adapt it and maintain custom velocity curve correctors for each device. My BomeBox does this just fine, but it has other issues that make it really inconvenient to use, so I’m looking into the MIDI hub. Either a re-map by formula or a manual reassignment of velocity for each of the 128 slots to create the curve would do it for me.

You probably already know about the MIDI Solutions Velocity Converter. It lets you draw whatever curve you’d want, and it’s DIN MIDI powered, but it’s a one function box.

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No, I don’t remember knowing about the MIDI Solutions box. But I need a box that will allow at least four simultaneous MIDI-routable velocity curves because that’s currently how many boxes I want to route my controller to. The Bome Box does do that fine, it’s just that it’s failing in other respects. My Bome Box might be defective, but fixable or not, if the Blokas Midihub will cover what I need, then I’d like to sign up for one. It’s just that I can’t tell for certain if it will allow multiple simultaneous velocity curves that I can route to different MIDI channels. I mean, it looks that way, but I’d like to know if that will require my own personal programming effort. In any case, randomization or any fun MIDI effects aren’t a necessity for me. I first need to enable my favorite controller to work properly with my gear.

If that’s all you want to do, and you’re happy with a single DIN MIDI connection, then the MIDI Solutions Velocity Converter looks like a better option for you. You can have a different velocity curve on every channel, and they each can be a preset curve or a completely custom curve.

Image of Editor Screen for the Velocity Converter Programming Tool:

I drew a custom curve here just for an example.

It’s around the same price or a little less than the Midihub, doesn’t need external power, and you can buy it right now, without a wait. You need to be sure it will run with your hardware, there is something about 5 Volts MIDI vs 3.3 Volts.

I’ve never used any of there stuff, so i’m not vouching for anything about it.

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I should have said I need note mapping as well as velocity mapping. I need to be able to route each incoming MIDI note simultaneously to different notes on different channels. It looks like the MIDI Solutions box won’t do that.

But since the MIDI Solutions box looks like a far simpler–and so I assume far more reliable–solution than a Bome Box, it’s highly desirable to try re-mapping MIDI on each of my sound modules. That remapping will be painful, and will rule out using modules whose MIDI can’t be remapped, but I only have one of those and almost never use it with an external controller.

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@Jukka along with this potential MIDI Soultions Velocity Converter Solution, I still want to go back to my original question: will the Blokas Midihub also–in a reasonably straightforward way–do this note routing with per channel velocity remapping that I need? Or would I have to get into programming and debugging? I’m asking because it might be fun to mess with the Midihub once I can confidently cover my necessities.

Oh, yeah, one nice thing about the Bome Box: external QWERTY keyboard input, which can be programmed to select between patches on the fly. But at this point, I’d be willing to sacrifice that for a basic setup that’s close to 100% reliable, then worry about extended functions later.

I don’t know the answer to your question. Two reasons: (1) I don’t have my Midihub yet (i should soon) and so i am book learned on it only and i am still scratching my head. (2) Even if i did understand the Midihib completely, I don’t really know how precise the velocity translation has to be to adequately fill your needs.

The big advantages to the Midihub device, along with the multiple DIN MIDI ports, is the ease of entering complex functions, like Dispatchers, Scale Key quantizers, Delays, Repeats, Chance Notes, Randomized values, Transforms, Tempo adjustments, Sustain, Arpeggiator, etc. It’s also easy to combine those functions together and change your setups quickly. It doesn’t have a coding interface like the Bome Box which is both plus and minus. Nor does it act as USB MIDI host like the Bome Box.

I can say that for the one single function of velocity conversion the MIDI Solutions Velocity Converter would be hard to beat in functionality and ease of use – at least as far as i can see.

If you want to find out more about the Midihub, i suggest you download the Midihib Editor as Electromatic suggested earlier. The Help with it, and the playing with the control parameters, has helped me get more informed about it.

Yes, it looks really worthwhile to have even if I keep using the BomeBox. MIDI Solutions web site says their programming software is only compatible on Mac with Mojave and earlier. I’ve emailed them. If it doesn’t work with Catalina, that will be a dealbreaker for me because my new laptops can’t be downgraded. I’d have to get desperate enough to buy a Windows laptop for a single purpose.

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You could post your questions to blokas forum in order to be sure.

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Crap, MIDI Solutions emailed me that none of their boxes work with the current version of MacOS, and they may might never be updated.

Catalina is from the devil I tell ya… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yup, it seems to offer no particular advantage. I’m also locked out of BFD3, the best electronic emulation of acoustic drums I’ve ever come across. In fact, my present frustrating search for a MIDI router is all about adapting my drum controller to iOS drum apps, which aren’t going to be as good, and I still don’t have a reliable router that will do what I need.

But I’m stuck with Catalina because I absolutely had to get out from underneath Apple’s butterfly keyboards. I like my MacBook Pro 16 well enough (I bought a second one), but now I get this incompatibility bs ruining my life instead of endless trips to the genius bar for keyboard repairs.

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Well i see few options for you:

A) Fix your BomeBox.
B) If there is a way to satisfy the velocity conversion problem on a Midihub use it.
C) Obtain the use of a Windows PC long enough to set up the MIDI Solutions Velocity Converter (MSVC) to satisfy your needs. The MSVC will remember its setup so you only need the Windows PC for an hour or two – maybe you could borrow one.
D) See if some other MIDI modifier will solve your problem. For instance the Conductive Labs MRCC (see this Elektronauts Thread) has some possibilities in this regard, though that is still under development and so you can’t know for sure on that yet.

Expect this thread to get very busy with Midihub usage discussion very soon, there is a wave of Midihubs on the way. Mine has now entered the US Postal Service, so i’m expecting it in a week or so.

I will be exploring the Midihub capabilities as soon as i get one. I will visit on velocty conversion along the way, but will spend most of my time with the 10,000 other things the Midihub will do – principally in the realm of generative music, where it’s strength lays.


Thanks @Jukka , I’ll watch this thread for people’s experience with the Midihub. Of course, I’ll buy one to try, but apparently there’s rather a long wait. t might end up being better than a Bome Box for my purposes even if my Bome Box starts working. In fact, my issue has gotten Florian Bomers himself involved, and they’ve even reproduced inexplicable erroneous behavior from my configuration file that they haven’t solved for months. I’ve actually spent quite a bit of money and time re-configuring my MIDI setup just to conform with what the tech support is more used to seeing, and it still fails. At some point, they need to admit the possibility that they sold me a defective unit and approach the problem that way. Yes, 99.999% of the time, the error is on the user’s side, but at some point…

The idea of getting a PC just to program the MiDI Solutions box is obviously unattractive. That box won’t do any of the other tricks that the Bome Box does, which I’ve come to almost need. But velocity re-mapping is an absolute necessity for me. And a PC would let me use BFD3, the 128-layer drum sample system that I’ve invested almost $1000 USD in.

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Can you program the box over linux? Raspberry pi zero costs around 10 bucks new. And it’s so small you could just leave it beside the box, or even glue it to it.

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I haven’t yet received mine, but the editor program works natively (and perfectly) in linux, so I think it will work without any problems.

Another option could be a small virtual machine on your mac

Is there a way to setup the editor to use existing midi I/O on the computer and process them directly without the hardware to test the possibilities ? This was doable with bomebox software, I was hoping it would be the same here but I did not find a way, maybe I’m missing something ?


Yes the MidiHub editor runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Just so that things are clear – discussion of a different product from a different company, the Velocity Converter from MIDI Solutions, got mixed in here. That product has an editor that only runs on a more limited range of computers, Windows and Mac up through Mojave. But that product has a very flexible system for velocity conversion.