Blofeld love


Sorry if you people already noticed that, but it appears that with the latest firmware update, it’s no more needed to upload ALL samples at once if you just want to add another one. I may be late, but this is a huge game changer for me as it makes working with samples in the Blofeld great again :slight_smile:

More than ever, blofeld pairs nicely with the DTakt :sunglasses:


Whoa! Good news. What version is that?

Is it a new version of Spectre too.


there was a previous version which allowed that (i’m still running iirc) but then it got pulled (though could be found) - so i need to investigate if this is a new os - cool, the fact that it got pulled bothered me a little


seems to be a midi file dated 19 feb 2018 !
v 1.25

need to look into this to see what i have


Blofeld firmware version 1.25
Spectre… I don’t know the version since there’s not even an about box…

This is huge really.


now I’m gonna stuff my blofeld with padsynth waves and use the 4 notes poly on DTakt midi tracks to make proper chord progressions :slight_smile:


given the lack of clarity on what’s what - here’s a summary of observations from a gearslutz user

so i indeed have the earlier version (5+ years ago) which allowed a simpler interaction with spectre and not requiring the full sample set sent

so this seems to be a bug free version of that unifying the firmware across later board types too

thanks @acidhouseforall for the year on news but it was indeed news to me and a few others - good stuff - will move from 1.23 to 1.25 later


GS quoted (March 2018) >>

Just so I understand this right:

- Earlier [Blofeld]( revisions used firmware 1.22. 

- A while ago 1.23 was introduced which did some new SL uploading things, but then it was almost immediately rescinded because Waldorf had found bugs in it. 

- Recent [Blofeld]( models have different controller ICs in them, requiring a revised version of the OS (1.24). But this turned out to introduce encoder bugs in the new machines. 1.25 is meant to fix that.

Correct so far? If so: (1) 1.22 is no longer available on the Waldorf website. Is 1.25 in fact a unified release for all [Blofeld]( (2) Is there any reason for an older model to be upgraded to 1.25 at all?


How can Waldorf make synths as incredible as the Blofeld or the Quantum and yet suck at source code management is beyond me… but hey, I’m just gonna enjoy the moment and work this little beast :slight_smile:


Be nice if someone did a video going over Blofeld firmware / software / sample transfer etc etc in 2019. It’s all a bit of a mystery isn’t it.


It’s esoteric af :smile:

I’ve avoided learning how to transfer samples to my Blofeld, even though it’s capable, because I haven’t found the headspace for it yet. And I’m lead to believe that it requires a lot of headspace, because of caveats and old software and general esoterica.

That said, I feel closer and closer to this great little synthesiser every time I figure something out! I’ll do it soon.


Its not that hard…git in there!!!


Oh man, I got jinxed! I just had a weird error twice in a row with the Blofeld. I created a new patch from ‘Init’, made some changes and saved it. Then as I was making some further tweaks, the Filter Envelope page went weird and was blank where there is normally a graphic of the envelope shape. The same thing on the Amp Envelope page. Even if I change to a new menu screen, when I go back to the FE or AE page it’s the same. The LED is blinking too. :frowning: After restart, all my tweaks are gone- the patch is back to a basic Init patch (a sawtooth in Osc1).

This is after a once-only error message a week or so ago- ‘Bad DSP error’ or something like that. At the time it seemed fine after a restart.

Luckily it’s still under warranty. I’ve emailed Waldorf and will give them a chance to address the problem. Just when I was getting confident I had a fault-free unit!


I experienced similiar things with the Blo. I think its software related…


care to clarify that this is indeed on the older os ? for those about to upgrade

hope it is nothing btw


Black desktop, OS 1.25. I upgraded the OS as soon as I got it so can’t compare to older OS versions. The unit is new, purchased only in November '18.

SL licence is activated (though I’m not sure if that is relevant or not).


I have an older hardware machine and I’m running 1.23 (Sep 30 2014 here), which includes incremental sample uploading. I have thought about upgrading to 1.25, but I approach updates really cautiously with this synth. Things are working well right now and I haven’t seen much beyond fixes for the new hardware they put in the synth, so I’m not going to mess with it.

BTW, it does require a new version of spectre (1.0). I was able to verify my version on macosx by going to the folder containing the app, ctrl click, get info.

It uses checksums to keep track of what samples have been uploaded, so if I remember right, the first time you use the new version, you might not see the benefit. But the second time you should.


But whilst i too am running 1.23 without evident issue, there must’ve been a reason why waldorf completely removed all trace of it - it may be functionally identical, but i guess the issue that existed in 1.23 is gone, i don’t especially want to find out what the issue was by waiting for it - it may indeed just be to do with the later batch of machines - it’s hard to know without much to go on - i was active in the old waldorf forum, but i wonder if anyone active in the new forum can shed light on the 1.23 / 1.25 question


I forget some of this since it has been a little while, but I think they released something that had the new incremental sample upload, but introduced other bugs. As you say, it is really hard to know what changes were made in any firmware update.

From what I remember/gleaned though…
1.23 (+ spectre 1.0) - incremental sample upload (see waldorf fb post)
1.24 - something to accomodate new hw, but caused issues for old hw? (reddit)
1.25 - since folks with old hw started installing 1.24 and had issues, they created this to work with both sets of hw and maybe fix an issue with just one of the encoders

And btw, @MarkMosher created a walkthrough of the firmware update and what you see when incrementally uploading samples (here)


cool - a snippet of useful info related to why 1.23 was pulled - apparently from Waldorf Support saying

Their response was they pulled back 1.23 because of sample transfer issues

So this for me is a good enough reason to upgrade from 1.23 to 1.25, whilst i hadn’t come across the issue (even with incremental upload it was a joyless experience afaicr) that would be down to luck - so i’ll shift over to 1.25 on the strength of that - there won’t be any other changes except the avoidance of a bug i hadn’t come across

User samples and wavetables on the blofeld are terrific, but a complete PITA if you’re making an editor as there’s no way to interrogate the user content afaict (even just a list)


I made found an old comment I made in my blog post… “It appears Waldorf pulled 1.23 as an official release and fell back to 1.22. 1.24 appears to be the same as 1.22 but with an update for a new controller IC used on the main boards on newer runs of the Blofeld. So no incremental sample updates. Since yours came with 1.23 my guess is it’s not one of the new machines with new components. I personally keep my Blofeld on 1.23.”