Blofeld love

anyone ever worked out a replacement screen for the Blofeld?

been poking around, but beyond a reseller that doesn’t seem to ship to the UK and some pretty out of date stuff, doesn’t seem like anyone’s got a good part number…

Would love to get mine a white on black screen really.

or even better orange on black, but I think that’s asking a lot :wink:

actually for those in the EU at least… looks like this might work!

pinout is right… it says 3.3v and I think the Blofeld is too

again: won’t send it to the UK though. Going to try and send it to a mate in the EU and get it forwarded…

will report back.

It seems to me that in sales here there was a black Blofeld with black screen,
the seller surely has the correct references of the screen.
(I can’t find the ad, can be deleted)


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thanks, yeah, the data sheet from there is how I know what the pinout should be for the screen…
wonder if the ad was for the reverb listing I am looking at that won’t deliver to the UK though… (also he’s asking eighty quid… so…if I can find one cheaper, bonus!

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OK, reporting back just so other people can find this via google later and not have to work it out for themselves… the replacement screens I found definitely work for Blofeld with a bit of fiddling. (and could be sent to the UK)

Contrast is better than it looks here (phone camera) although I think the viewing angles are not quite as good as the original, and the viewing area is maybe a little tiny bit smaller… but below link if anyone has a dead screen and access to a soldering iron!

Going to order another and try positive black on orange and see how that looks now… seems like it is designed to be positive as the lettering on patch names goes right to the edge of the display area, using the backlight as a border.

notes: the power connections for the backlight are about 5mm out, so you have to cut the pins down and wire these in. In turn this means the screen needs hot gluing down at the bottom to hold it steady as the power pins normally do that. It also looks much better at medium contrast rather than all the way up as the original did.

“Blofeld Replacement screen” just so that phrase is here.


ok, yeah. the positive one looks much better!




patchbase on my ipad 3 from way back, with blofeld template running makes blofeld so easy and fun to use. its a joy rather than a chore. its so good for the money! nice spdif out mod too!


Hey there, it is still worth buying a Blofeld now for 200 €?

That’s a fair price in my opinion!

Edit: check that the encoders work well , some units have them do weird things.


Thx, i’ll check them! OTOH I knew from a friend’s Blofeld unit -that he bought around 2013- about a very low volume issue thru the main output. This mechanical issue involved several units of that batch and wondered if they solved it afterwards.

It’s a bit of hit and miss regarding output volume. When I was using the Blofeld more, I sometimes increased the output volume using saturation either at the filter stage or as on of the 2 fx.

To share a bit of love: I got lovely sounds out of the Blofeld. It’s also annoying, often, a bit obtuse to program but also not that much. It is able of producing lovely timbres. I thought of selling it and tried, in the end decided to keep it. It’s boxed for now but I’m happy that it’s there…

Good luck with your decision!

My Blo is currently paired up with an Osmose and it’s been an utter delight reminding myself of the joys of poly aftertouch when controlling position in a wavetable, panning between the filters, varying oscillator levels, FM amounts etc. etc. So much power hidden away in there it’s easy to forget. Have probably made more new patches in the last couple of weeks than in the last five or six years.


But this could lead to a poorer sound quality?

I didn’t notice :wink:

I mean, the times I did that, I didn’t feel like the quality of my sound wasn’t appropriate.

Usually you want to go to the Patch Volume and and Velocity sensitivity for a patch if you are having volume issues. Up patch volume and disable velocity sensitivity.

Both are available when you go to the bottom row.

Hi the Blofeld is a little bit quiet but you can modify this there’s a great video:

10 Facts and Tricks of the Blofeld

You can do some tweaks to make the Blofeld louder

  1. On the Amplifier Page 1 put velocity to 0
  2. Check Osc Volumes and crank it to 127
  3. On Filter Page 1 put the drive to 20 and as suggestion Drive Curve to Tube

there are some other useful information and more Blo videos great channel there

And asking your questions about the encoders I know there are fixed-solved on the last firmware so I have one not so new and it’s perfect so if you get this check os and maybe grab with a discount the SL so you can use samples with the Blofeld engine really powerful and underrated synth I love his sound and limitations


I found out the Blofeld has a glissando glide mode that will go in semitone increments instead of continually varying the pitch portamento style (which it also has).

I don’t think I’ve seen another device with a glide mode like that.


Thanks for pointing that out. Had to go and have a play with it just now. V cool

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