Black screen Machinedrum problem

Hey everyone, new to the forum but not the Elektron gear.

I have a Machinedrum SPS1-UW+ MKII that won’t startup. It just gives me a black screen. Are there solutions to this problem?
Here’s a video of the issue.

I’d perhaps contact Elektron support, they are quite helpful. The one issue people regularly reference is the ribbon connector getting unseated inside. Be careful in there though as it’s not trivial to open if you aren’t used to doing that sort of thing, could be worth paying a professional or sending back to Elektron if they’ll do it if you are not comfortable (they serviced my out of warranty mk2)

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Great, thank you for the response :slight_smile:
I actually remember now that I indeed did open it once and disconnected the ribbon connector and connected it back again. It actually did start up for a bit after doing that, but the problem always comes back.
I’ll contact Elektron about this then! Thanks again.

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