Black Nail Cabaret



Elegant and extravagant duo Black Nail Cabaret are on a roll right now. They have just released a sweet new album, Pseudopop, and their first Digitone sound pack Dissonant World will follow this week. Don’t let the name of the patch pack fool you: it’s a perfect collection of sounds for writing lush, dreamy and harmonics-rich melodies. If you want to know more about the sounds or if you’re just curious who Black Nail Cabaret are and want to hear their story, read on at:


Whenever Elektron spotlights an artist or group, I always give them a listen as I’m always looking for new electronic based music… When it comes to Black Nail Cabaret, I have one word… Brilliant… The production and the approach to song writing caught me by surprise… I’m a new fan… Thanks Elektron!